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Why Industrial Distributors Should Choose TrulinX ERP Software by Tribute, Inc.

When investing in a business management software, it’s important to look for a solution with features that will help you streamline processes, cut costs, save time, improve profit margins, and improve the ability to serve your customers. Tribute’s industry-leading business management software, TrulinX, is designed to help distributors better track and manage inventory, streamline labor-intensive yet vital job functions, and lower annual software expenses. Over the years, we’ve found that many industrial distributors ultimately choose TrulinX as their platform of choice as their business grows and the need to boost efficiency and profit margins increases. While there are many benefits of choosing TrulinX that likely influence their decision, we laid out 12 compelling reasons for you to consider below.

1. Industry Experience

Tribute’s origin was in industrial distributorship, so we truly understand your unique needs. With over 36 years of experience, we designed our TrulinX software with customer and vendor partnership input to specifically address the demands of industrial distributors, fabricators, and systems integrators.

Tribute proves to remain the industry leader in ERP solutions for your industry. You get much more than just software. You get a strategic business partner that knows your business and what you need your software to do.

2. Enhanced Technology

Plain and simple, industrial distributors need specialized features in order to succeed. That’s why our industry-leading business management software features are designed to get you running quickly, delivering efficiently, and growing effectively. Some of TrulinX’s features include:

  • Inventory management
  • Order entry and processing
  • MS queries and SQL reporting
  • Work order management
  • Vendor reporting and price updating
  • Customer and vendor RMA process
  • Full integration with UPS WorldShip/FedEx
  • And more!

3. Improved Cash Flow

TrulinX is specifically designed to help industrial distributors automate and improve business processes, reduce operating costs, and increase productivity. Our software systems now power millions of dollars in transactions every month and supply thousands of users with critical information day and night to help you improve cash flow within your organization.

4. Customer Satisfaction

We believe that better served customers are happy and loyal customers. Tribute is committed to investing in our customers' success through personalized customer service, enhancements that benefit your business, and a strong, strategic partnership.

5. Better Informed Decisions

TrulinX software features real-time inventory management and reporting tools for complete visibility company wide. Need to quickly get a pulse on your sales, backlog, inventory position, or receivables? TrulinX provides a real-time snapshot of your business and easily compares it to previous days, months, and years.

Meanwhile, our inventory management tool allows you to group your items or product lines and manage them differently. Each group can have its own buying parameters, demand calculation, lead time calculation, and safety stock calculation to make better informed decisions that affect your bottom line.

6. Manage Work Orders

Industrial distributors need to be able to track components and subassemblies, as well as labor and burden on sophisticated projects. When quoting an assembly, TrulinX allows you to perform tasks quickly and allow for substitutions or conversions of components on the fly, all from our easy-to-use interface.

7. Implementation

A smooth and smart implementation sets the foundation for success. Tribute provides customers with a highly structured and focused implementation strategy that requires the dedication and commitment by both the customer and TrulinX teams. This structure ensures our customers are setting up their new system to work successfully for their business, while providing accountability along the way.

8. Personal Software Support

We’re a team of industry veterans providing insight beyond a platform. Our customers rely on us to help them develop and implement efficient solutions to their most challenging problems. TrulinX's real-time support means that when you call or email, we answer. We solve your business problems and get you quickly back to what you do best – being a distributor.

9. Powerful Peer Network

Tribute connects industrial distributors to other active users in their industry. At our annual TribNet conference, we bring together TrulinX users for two and a half days of training sessions and networking. The conference is a great opportunity to brush up on the software, learn new ways of dealing with business concerns, check out third party applications, and network with others in the industry.

10. Integration with Your Suppliers

One of the best ways we can anticipate a distributor’s needs is by knowing their vendors. That’s why we’ve forged strong relationships with a number of leading manufacturers. By working closely with them, we can help our software users meet vendor requirements and maximize discounts, all while selling the product in the most efficient manner. TrulinX is integrated with best-in-class, add-on solution providers, including Dixon, Eaton, Gates, Pall, Parker Hannifin, Sun Hydraulics, and more.

11. Expert Partners

We affiliate with superior third-party providers, whose solutions complement and integrate with the TrulinX platform, giving your business a powerful arsenal to effectively manage your business. TrulinX seamlessly integrates with UPS and FedEx, WarehouseTWO, Informa Software, and more.

12. Position Yourself for Growth

As companies exceed the threshold of “small” and emerge into becoming full-fledged mid-sized enterprises, they’ll need a software solution that will enable them to increase revenue and profits. The powerful scalability and inter-branch communication features of TrulinX, along with many others, provide the solution that distributors need to grow.

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