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Run Your Business More Efficiently with the Leading ERP Software for Industrial Distributors

Industrial distribution is a tough business.

TrulinX ERP software by Tribute Inc. simplifies it.

Check out why Tribute’s niche-focused TrulinX ERP software is best choice for your organization.

ERP software made with you in mind.

We understand your unique requirements and have built them into every aspect of our software.
We even know what a cut length on a hose is.
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Fluid Power & Motion Control

Fluid Power & Motion Control

TrulinX helps fluid power distributors tighten down their operations.

 Industrial Hose & Accessories

Industrial Hose & Accessories

We aren't like other software packages. We help you identify and get tighter control of your inventory.

 Fluid Handling & Flow Control

Fluid Handling & Flow Control

Streamlining every day business for the fluid handling and flow control industry.

Fluid Sealing

Fluid Sealing

Sealing distributors' business requires a sophisticated inventory management system.

Instrumentation & Process Control

Instrumentation & Process Control

TrulinX for the instrumentation and process control industry - helping to reduce and control supply chain costs.

Automation & Robotics

Automation & Robotics

We work with you to create the tools you need to succeed in the automation and robotics industry.

Pump Distribution

Pump Distribution

TrulinX provides the tools that keep your business flowing smoothly.

Vendor reports in minutes, not days.

Complying with vendor requirements to earn the top tier rebates used to be burdensome. Thanks to our special industry relationships, these requirements are built right in so your company can earn that higher tier status with less time and effort.


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We wanted to win the game and partnering with TrulinX is what ultimately gave us the edge. TrulinX allows us to leverage our data for maximum efficacy.
TrulinX employee working on monitor

Hosted and cloud-based solutions for your needs.

Whether you’re looking for a hosted solution maintained on a server at your site or are looking to make a digital transformation to a Cloud-based ERP solution, Tribute has you covered. Both our premier TrulinX software and TrulinX Cloud are packed with all the rich features you would expect as an industrial distributor, so you can improve customer experience, while increasing overall efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

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Leverage the Age of Big Data with TrulinX Software

Connector Specialists, Inc.

Using the industry-specific TrulinX software has given Connector Specialists the ability to make highly informed decisions based on powerful data that it finely controls. Alex Wheelock, president of Connector Specialists, talks about how TrulinX software from Tribute gives his company the edge to be one of the most successful fluid power distributors in Louisiana.

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Industry Associations

Our strategic relationships with industry associations,  major manufacturers and Best of Breed technology partners  gives Tribute the ability to provide features and services that your business needs.


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About our Tribute Team

About Tribute Software

Since 1983, Tribute, Inc. has been providing integrated ERP software solutions, powering our customers past their competition by helping them better serve their customers, streamline their operations, lower costs, and enhance margins through better cost control.

Tribute is committed to investing in our customers' success through personalized customer service, enhancements that benefit your business, and through strong strategic partnerships.


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