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Instrumentation & Process Control

Instrumentation & Process Control in action

TrulinX software - helping to reduce and control supply chain costs.

We know industrial distributors need specialized features, expert insight, and extraordinary service to succeed. You need to be able to have transparency into each stage of a complicated fabrication project and be able to update your customers as to its progress.

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We love the ease and flexibility of quote and order entry. Right from the initial phone call, quotes can be entered on the fly, including entry of new BOM’s, and these can be turned into an order at the click of a button. This feature eliminates the handwritten order form, cutting down on errors and allowing for better history and traceability for delivery, etc. Plus, TrulinX makes the agent order process simple – from entering orders to processing commission receipts.

Developed with the input of distributors

If you build process control systems or integrated flow solutions, you may have these concerns:

  • How can I ensure that all of the components and subassemblies in my BOM’s are being committed and allocated for a job?
  • How can I effectively manage or achieve the desired gross margin?
  • How do I expedite the components in my BOM assemblies?

TrulinX helps you address these concerns by capturing the total cost of each job by tracking each component and knowing what the freight, labor, burden and external fabrications cost associated with each assembly.

Easy Quoting/Order Entry: When quoting an assembly, TrulinX allows you to pick a pre-defined BOM, copy an existing one, or select one that may have several versions.

Labor/Burden Cost Tracking: Time is money, so including your labor and overhead time is important to your bottom line. That’s why the TrulinX BOM feature allows integration of labor and burden lines embedded within your BOMs to get a true picture of your gross margins.

Multiple Versions per BOM: For assemblies that are for a specific customer or are always built slightly differently, TrulinX offers multiple versions per BOM parent which can be recalled at any time, copied, modified and saved as a totally new BOM. This allows for more flexibility and customization of your BOM’s and makes your CSR’s job easier.

Labor Tickets: You can enter labor on a job by the total amount or by tracking time spent by specific employees.

Disposition: Account for every component used in an assembly, even those that are damaged and scrapped during the fabrication process.

Additional critical features:

Attach Specifications to PN: TrulinX protects against mistakes by allowing you to attach spec's, CAD drawings, photos to the PN, plus you can create templates with specific instructions for each assembly.

Inspection & Disposition: Efficiently inspect incoming inventory, improving the quality control process resulting in fewer returned/rejected items.

Tracking: TrulinX provides the ability to assign serial numbers to your assemblies so they can be tracked after it's released to the customer.

Automatic Vendor Rebate Calculation: Protect your profits with the ability to automatically calculate rebates at the component level by your specific vendors’ items.

By being proactive, everyone – from the inside rep to the President - will understand the status of your sophisticated system integration projects.


Additional Features

Item Master Inquiry

item Master

Make Your Industrial Distribution Business Even Better with Performance Metrics

Now, more than ever, industrial distributors need to have their finger on the pulse of their business. They need to know not only how they’re doing, but the state of their industry and how they compare to industry peers.

Most distributors can justifiably feel pretty good about their recent operating performance.  A growing manufacturing economy has helped generate reasonable sales growth for most firms.

Download our Whitepaper to learn more about three three questions you should ask yourself about your business:

  • How are we doing?  What is the typical level of profitability in the industry?
  • How good can we be?  What results are being generated by the most successful firms?
  • How do we get to high-profit results?  Which of the Critical Profit VAriables (CPVs) appear to drive profitability?

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Customer Spotlight

Tribute Customer Spotlight: ACI Controls, Inc.

Based in West Seneca, NY, ACI Controls, Inc. is a value-add technical sales organization providing expertise and comprehensive solutions for a wide variety of industrial process control applications and has been using TrulinX to run their business since 2008....

Tribute Customer Spotlight: Pearse-Bertram LLC

Pearse-Bertram LLC was formed in 2006 as a joint venture between two well known and successful distributors: Pearse-Pearson and Bertram Controls. Each had been long recognized as independent...

Tribute Customer Spotlight: Hydraulic Controls, Inc.

For nearly 50 years Hydraulic Controls, Inc. (HCI) has been a premier hydraulic distributor in the Pacific Southwest....

2020 Tribute Trade Show Schedule

Tribute's Trade Show Schedule: We hope to see you one of the following industry shows in 2020. NFPA Annual Conference, IDCO Expo, NAHAD Annual Conference, NIBA Convention, ISD & FPDA Joint Conference, Hose + Coupling World Expo, and Tribute's Annual User's Group Conference, TribNet....

Industry Partners

One of the best ways we can anticipate a distributor’s needs is by knowing their vendors. That’s why we’ve forged strong relationships with a number of leading manufacturers. By working closely with them, we can help our software users meet vendor requirements and maximize discounts, all while selling the product in the most efficient manner.

Parker Logo

  • P.O.S. sales reporting
  • Hose assembly generation with labor and cut length calculation
  • Automatic rebate calculation
  • ParkerStore counter sales module
  • EDI integration
  • Price update and item loading
  • PHconnect & PHAST integration
  • PTS integration & serial number labels
  • DistraNet integration
Eaton Logo

  • Retail sales: Aeroquip Express, Weatherhead Port-to-Port Stores
  • P.O.S. sales and Inventory reporting
  • Calculation of rebates per Eaton specifications & reporting
  • Hose assembly generation with labor and cut length calculation
  • Consolidation of purchase orders
  • Easily transmit PO's
  • Easy price updates and new item imports
  • Integrated with Eaton Hydraulics' powerful inventory sharing network WarehouseTWO
  • Eaton Corporation uses TrulinX's Counter Store application for their Van Wert Aeroquip Express Store     
Rexroth Logo

  • P.O.S. sales reporting
  • Rebates
  • Automatic report generation
  • EDI integration
  • Upload catalogs and price updates

  • Easily export purchase orders
  • Price updates
  • Images/graphics
  • Easy tracking of non-stock and drop shipment sales

  • 80 character part number capacity
  • POS Sales reporting
  • Automatic price updates
  • Exporting invoices & purchase orders

Trade Associations

Best In Class Partners That Enhance the Capabilities of Your ERP System

Contact & Support

development team

Our support team is here for you. From email and phone support, to membership in the TribNet Users Group. We become a trusted member of your team. Contact us to learn about the valuable tools TrulinX offers instrumentation and process control distributors and fabricators.


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