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TrulinX Helps Automation & Robotics Distributors Maximize Gross Margins

Need to manage and track labor and burden on your sophisticated system integrations? Want to know how you can get accurate costs to maximize your gross margins? TrulinX software by Tribute, Inc. has you covered.

We work with you to create the tools you need to succeed in the automation and robotics industry. Whether you're building control panels, manifolds, robotic solutions, or electro-mechanical systems, our 36+ years in the industry gives us the knowledge to understand your needs.

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TrulinX allows us to track and manage work order components and sub-assemblies on sophisticated engineered systems down to the component level, providing Behco with visibility into the current status of the job and estimated versus actual cost. Our inventory management has improved resulting in higher profit margins and increased inventory turn-over.

TrulinX Software Features for Your Fabrication and Assembly Needs

Work Order Management

Item Master

TrulinX has a sophisticated Work Order Management (WOM) designed so that you can keep track of each component in your automation and robotic assemblies, such as process controls, customer manifolds, compressed air solutions, and custom control panels.

With features specifically for your industry and an easy and flexible interface, the TrulinX WOM allows users to 'drag and drop' components and create subassemblies easily at any level of the bill. You can source, expedite and route all from one screen.

You have the ability to enter the work order directly from the sales order or create it separately and then later attach it to the sales order. This is helpful in cases where repairs or estimates need to be applied before the job becomes an order. Items do not have to exist in order to be entered on a work order, which will make life much easier for your customer service reps.

Bill of Materials

When quoting an assembly, TrulinX allows you to pick a pre-defined BOM, copy an existing one, or select one that may have several versions for easy quoting and order entry. Account for every component used in an assembly, even those that are damaged and scrapped during the fabrication process.

The TrulinX BOM feature also allows integration of labor and burden lines so you can get a true picture of your gross margins. You can enter labor on a job by the total amount or by tracking time spent by specific employees.

For assemblies that are specific to a customer or are always built slightly differently, TrulinX offers multiple versions per BOM parent that can be recalled, copied, modified, or saved as a new BOM at any time for more flexibility and customization of your BOMs.

Fabrication Management

TrulinX software makes fabrication management a breeze, allowing distributors to source, expedite, and route components and assemblies all from the same screen. TrulinX offers multiple routing options, such as internal, another location, outsourced fabricator, or final destination, for components.

Additionally, while assembly is being completed, you can easily move components to ‘Work in Progress’ inventory. Meanwhile, sophisticated screens allow you to track and manage each component of each sub-assembly.

Additional TrulinX Features

Industry Partners

Parker Logo

  • P.O.S. sales reporting
  • Hose assembly generation with labor and cut length calculation
  • Automatic rebate calculation
  • ParkerStore counter sales application
  • EDI integration
  • Price update and item loading
  • PHconnect & PHAST integration
  • PTS integration & serial number labels
  • DistraNet integration
Eaton logo

  • Retail sales: Aeroquip Express, Weatherhead Port-to-Port Stores
  • P.O.S. sales and inventory reporting
  • Calculation of rebates per Eaton specifications & reporting
  • Hose assembly generation with labor and cut length calculation
  • Consolidation of purchase orders
  • Easily transmit PO's
  • Easy price updates and new item imports
  • Integrated with Eaton Hydraulics' powerful inventory sharing network WarehouseTWO
  • Eaton Corporation uses TrulinX's Counter Store application for their Van Wert Aeroquip Express Store
Rexroth logo

  • POS Sales reporting
  • Rebates
  • Automatic report generation
  • EDI transmissions
  • Upload catalogs and easy price updates

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