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Bill of Materials

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Helping you reduce supply chain costs.

Distributors who build valve assemblies, manifolds, power units, pumps, hose assemblies, or FRLs all share the same challenge - finding new ways to reduce supply chain costs. There are a multitude of ways to tackle the issues that might be causing additional costs in your supply chain, but the biggest area to focus on is the bill of materials.


Many industrial distributors share the same concerns

Most distributors find themselves asking questions like:

  • How can I effectively manage or achieve the business's desired gross margin?
  • How do I expedite the components in my BOM assemblies?
  • How do I guarantee that all the components and subassemblies in my Bill of Materials are being committed and allocated for a job?

All very reasonable concerns that any distributor should be mindful of.

TrulinX tackles these issues by providing a versatile BOM solution with countless capabilities that makes managing your processes easier. When creating the software, we worked closely with fabricators to ensure the features of our program closely aligned with what they needed to make their jobs easier.

Regardless, if you are quoting an assembly, analyzing gross margins, communicating with vendors, or forecasting lead times, the TrulinX Bill of Materials features is ready to help.

TrulinX Bill of Materials Features

Multiple Versions per BOM

Many distributors need more than one version of their BOM when working with assemblies that are always built slightly different. TrulinX offers the ability to create multiple versions for each BOM parent that can be recalled at any time. From there they can be copied, modified, and saved as a completely new BOM, allowing your team to easily customize BOM’s and cut down on the time it takes to create new BOMs.

Labor/Burden Cost Tracking

Ensuring all your costs are properly tracked and visible is important to getting a good idea of what your gross margins are. It can be time consuming and cumbersome to calculate your margins when you don’t have easy access to your costs. TrulinX accomplishes this goal by allowing the integration of labor and burden lines directly into your BOMs. Giving you a complete picture of your gross margins within a matter of seconds.

Automatic Vendor Rebate Calculations

Partnerships with vendors can be an area where you can find savings and improve margins. Some vendors offer rebate programs and without proper tracking, you may be missing out on opportunities. With the TrulinX Bill of Materials Module, you will have the ability to automatically calculate rebates down to the component level by specific vendor items.

The Benefits of TrulinX

Reduction in Material Waste

Reducing material waste is one of the quickest ways to cut cost in your supply chain. TrulinX helps accomplish this by protecting against material mistakes during assembly. By providing specific notes on the correct quantity per component for each BOM it ensures material waste is minimized.

Improved Efficiency when Generating Assemblies

One way distributors can gain efficiency is through automation. TrulinX offers a feature known as Smart Part that can help you save time and money by automatically generating assemblies in seconds. This feature is especially useful for hydraulic hose assemblies.

Clear Picture of Gross Margins

Keeping an eye on your numbers is important. Several features throughout the BOM include greater cost visibility, automatic labor calculations, and proportional material control all help to ensure you have the best picture of your gross margins.

Learn More About the TrulinX Bill of Materials Feature

With competition on the rise between industrial distributors, finding ways to improve gross margins is more important now than ever before. With TrulinX you can quickly identify areas of improvement within your BOM and take action. Request a demo today to learn how TrulinX can help decrease costs throughout your Supply Chain.

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