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Hydraulic & Pneumatic Sales Discusses How TrulinX Software Amplifies Their Business

Hydraulic & Pneumatic Sales has been providing products, services, and solutions in the pneumatics, hydraulics, filtration and automation market since 1978. In 2007, they implemented the TrulinX software system and are pleased with the many improvements in the way they are able do business today.

Faxon Engineering

Faxon Engineering is a leading distributor of hose, fittings, hydraulic, pneumatic and lubrication components.  They are AS9100 + ISO 9001 certified, providing a quality management system for distribution of products to the Aerospace, Industrial, Marine, High Performance, Utility and Pharmaceutical markets.

Favorite TrulinX Features:

  • Many components to help develop, monitor, and meet their overall quality objectives
  • Quality enhancing details such as Bill of Materials and Comments, which allows the Faxon team to add detailed checklists, work instructions and customer requirements - displayed all throughout the workflow proiess
  • Ability to monitor on-time delivery performance from vendors, as well as customer service level performance

Watch their video to learn more!

Hayes Pump

Eric Zadravec of Hayes Pump speaks about technology being the key to keeping their business ahead of the curve.  With a strong operating model, and excellent customer support, TrulinX helps provide Hayes Pump with that differentiating factor to successfully compete in the pump distribution business. 

"We have partnered with TrulinX development to integrate TrulinX into  our CRM and business analytics engine to provide a total integrated solution for Hayes Pump.   We believe that TrulinX software is providing the  efficiencies to allow us to stay competitive in the market."


MFP Automation Engineering

The team at MFP Automation Engineering  shares the benefits of partnering with TrulinX ERP software.

"This business software allows us to streamline orders from quote to invoice. We utilize its efficiencies and tools to integrate electronic orders, quickly print reports, and manage a large inventory which frees up our time and skillsets to focus on the business. With the use of TrulinX, our procedures are very effective, efficient, and saves cost. TrulinX has not only made our lives easier, but the benefits have undoubtedly trickled down to the customer in the form of time, financial savings, and order accuracy."

Kraft & Tribute: Partners Working Together

Kraft Fluid Systems has been using ERP business management software by Tribute, Inc. for 33 years, so they must do something right! Their products have evolved so much over the years, and they still continue to enhance it with new features and options.

Connector Specialists Inc.

Leveraging the age of big data with TrulinX software

Using the industry-specific TrulinX software has given Connector Specialists the ability to make highly informed decisions based on powerful data that it finely controls. Alex Wheelock, president of Connector Specialists, talks about how TrulinX software from Tribute gives his company the edge to be one of the most successful fluid power distributors in Louisiana.

River Bend Hose Specialty

Hose distributor focuses on ERP software to manage growth

Jay Adams of River Bend Hose Specialty discusses how his company needed a robust ERP system to meet its strategic business goals. Continued expansion and acquisition made the need for a strategic software partner crucial.

TrulinX Testimonials

Tribute customers talk about the advantages of partnering with Tribute, Inc. and using TrulinX software to run their industrial distribution companies efficiently and profitably.