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ERP Software Solutions for the Fluid Handling and Flow Control Industries

ERP Software Solutions for the Fluid Handling and Flow Control Industries

Fluid Handling and Flow Control machines

TrulinX Software Helps Fluid Handling and Flow Control Distributors Streamline Work Orders

Whether you build pumps and filtration systems or design cleaning and sanitizing solutions, fluid handling and flow control distributors need an ERP software to streamline processes, reduce costs, save time, stay competitive and improve customer service. That’s where TrulinX ERP software can help move your business forward.

With over 35 years of industry-leading experience, we understand the challenges and opportunities that are available to fluid power distributors and can build systems to help solve your customers toughest problems. TrulinX is designed to specifically meet the unique needs of distributors within the fluid handling and flow control industry. See how TrulinX’s specialized features, including our Work Order Management (WOM) module and easy-to-use Bill of Materials (BOM) interface can help you gain control of your distribution business, create efficiencies, and maximize profits.

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Implementing TrulinX helped us grow our business with less overhead and more timely and accurate information. This allowed us to lower our operating costs and focus on sales. With more efficient processing of information, we improved inventory turns and increased productivity. And as our business continues to grow, we are finding TrulinX to be more valuable.
David G. Star, President L.J. Star Incorporated

ERP Software Designed for Fluid Handling and Flow Control Manufacturers

TrulinX’s Work Order Management Module Gives You Better Control Over Production

Going beyond the normal software vendor, Tribute works directly with our customers to create the tools you need to succeed in today’s marketplace. Our flexible Work Order Management software will help you with the following business requirements:

  • Manage and track labor and burden
  • Secure accurate costs to maximize gross margins
  • Separate fabrication orders from regular distribution orders and manage them effectively

Software Tools for Fabrications & Assemblies:

Easy & Flexible Bill of Materials Software

The TrulinX fabrication feature has an easy and flexible Bill of Materials interface that allows the user to ‘drag and drop’ components. Subassemblies can be created as a ‘Smart Part’ in TrulinX and the WOM Module provides for the use of permanent structures, Smart Part, and on-the-fly structures at any level of the bill. You can also source, expedite and route all within the same screen. Although a work order is created for every Bill of Materials, when no fabrication is needed, the TrulinX WOM Module does not require you to do any extra work. TrulinX handles it like any other part – no complicated run-arounds for you!

Routing Options

With the TrulinX WOM feature, you can choose who is going to complete a BOM or any subassembly within that BOM structure from a variety of options: the assembly could be internal, another location could build the entire assembly or one or more subassemblies, or an outside vendor could build the whole assembly or one or more subassemblies. You can then route an assembly from one source to another easily. You will also control the final destination of the completed assembly with shipping papers generated to help warehouse personnel and outside vendors route products correctly.

Work Orders Can Be Created Independently

The TrulinX WOM feature is designed so that the work order can be entered directly from the sales order or it can be created separately and then later attached to the sales order. This is helpful in cases where repairs or estimates need to be applied before the job becomes an order. Items do not have to exist in order to be entered on a work order, which will make life much easier for your customer service reps!

Work in Process Inventory

The TrulinX WOM feature allows you to designate an assembly as a fabrication, which will move components to ‘work in process’ inventory while the assembly is being completed. Numerous easy and flexible options are provided for the movement of components. Components can be easily moved from one job to another; components purchased specifically for one job can be routed directly to that job when received. Reports and inquiries are available to list all your work in process and to expedite for a particular job whenever desired.

Application of Labor & Burden

The TrulinX WOM feature allows you to enter estimates of both labor and burden if desired. If estimates are entered, they are used to help determine the cost when jobs are partially completed. The actual costs applied are also tracked throughout the process. TrulinX will keep track of inventory items used as well as costs by category. Users may have as many labor and burden lines as they desire and the labor and burden will be accumulated for each subassembly as well as for the entire job.

Comparison of Actual & Estimated Costs

The TrulinX WOM feature will keep track of estimates for components, labor, and burden. As actual costs are applied, the cost of the job will be adjusted. When the job is complete, the costs will be reconciled and a comparison will be available at the subassembly and assembly levels of the job.

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The experts at Tribute Software have years of experience working with industrial fluid handling distributors. We understand your unique requirements and have developed our fluid handling and flow control software to meet the needs of your business.

We are more than just a software package. We value becoming a trusted member of your team! Our in-house support team provides flexible software support services and are available to answer any question you have. Tribute also offers personalized onsite software implementation and training to make sure your business is set up for success.

If you’re ready to discover the TrulinX Difference, fill out a form to request a free demo today! You can also contact our team for more information on our business management software for the fluid handling industry.

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Client Testimonial: Kraft Fluid Power Systems

The team at Kraft Fluid Power System shares the benefits of partnering with TrulinX ERP software.

“Tribute is a complete package. There’s not much it can’t do that we need it to do. For example, there are several methods and different options for processing bill of material and fabrication orders, which is something we do every single day. From a single valve assembly to a full-blow power unit, Tribute can handle it.”

Customer Spotlight

Tribute Customer Spotlight: ACI Controls, Inc.

Based in West Seneca, NY, ACI Controls, Inc. is a value-add technical sales organization providing expertise and comprehensive solutions for a wide variety of industrial process control applications and has been using TrulinX to run their business since 2008....

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