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ERP Software Solutions for the Industrial Hose Industry

ERP Software Solutions for the Industrial Hose Industry

Industrial Hose & Accessories on racking

TrulinX Software Helps Industrial Hose Distributors Achieve Tighter Inventory Control

For a hose distributor, it can be challenging to maintain tight and accurate control over inventory while also increasing productivity. What if you had a hose management system that could help your CSR's generate complete hose assemblies in seconds? And what if that same tool automatically calculated cut-off lengths, material costs and labor amounts, and allowed you to automatically generate serial numbers and labels? TrulinX ERP software does it all.

With over 35 years of experience in the hose distribution industry, we know how to best assist you by designing software features around your business processes. See how TrulinX’s lot tracking, counter sales application, order entry software, and more allows you to take these time-consuming scenarios and make them as easy as a click of a button.

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We are a typical Value Added Hose Distributor with one of the most active ParkerStores in the country. We needed a software partner that understood our market place, had the resources and personal touch to support us as we go down the road of continuous improvement and growth... TrulinX met those requirements.
Jay Adams, River Bend Hose Specialty

ERP Software Designed for the Hose Distribution Industry

TrulinX Lot Control Visibility & Management Feature Streamlines Processes and Maximizes Profits

TrulinX’s lot tracking system gives you the power and flexibility to comply with vendor and regulatory requirements while providing you with the tools to offer better service for your customers, vendors and your operational staff. Our lot control hose tracking system allows you to buy in one unit (hose reels) and sell in another (feet, inches, or meters) while managing all the various cut lengths. You will have visibility into the various lots from quote/order entry while on the phone with a customer.

Software Tools for Hydraulic Hose Assembly & Distribution:

Hydraulic Hose Assembly Generator

Our unique SMART PART feature saves time and money by allowing hydraulic hose assemblies to be entered and generated in less than 5 seconds as it guides you through the process.

Automatic Cut-Off Length Calculation

Use manufacturer's cut-off length per end fitting to quickly and accurately calculate hose lengths.

Automatic Labor Calculations by Hose Length and/or Fitting Diameter

Save time and increase efficiency by automatically calculating labor amounts based on the hose length and/or fitting diameter, so you can capture true gross margins on all your hose assemblies.

Create Template for Serial Numbers and Labels

Set up a standard template for serial numbers consisting of an inner number, along with an optional prefix and/or suffix. The template is then connected to the appropriate product categories. Whenever an order is finalized for a hose assembly in one of these product categories, a new serial number will be automatically generated and printed to a label along with the pick ticket.

Industrial hoses.

Automatic Tracking of Non-Stock and Drop Shipments

Keep inventory current and your customers satisfied with full inventory tracking and history.

Crimp and Assembly Instructions with Each Assembly

Protect against costly mistakes by having detailed instructions by assembly or component, such as crimp specifications, die selection or assembly procedures, readily available.

Load Manufacturer's Part Numbers

Keep your inventory accurate and up-to-date by easily uploading your major supplier's catalog containing vital information, such as part numbers, descriptions, price, costs, and automatic price updates.

Counter Sales Application

Improve customer service at the counter by quickly and efficiently entering orders, conducting returns on the fly, submitting product orders or out-of-stock items, and providing four options at checkout.

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Get Started with Tribute Software

The experts at Tribute have years of experience working with industrial hose distributors. We understand your unique requirements and have developed our hydraulic hose management system to meet the needs of your business.

We are more than just a software package. We value becoming a trusted member of your team! Our in-house support team provides dependable software support services and are available to answer any question you may have. Tribute also offers onsite software implementation and training to ensure your business is set up for success.

If you’re ready to discover the TrulinX Difference, fill out a form to request a free demo today! You can also contact our team for more information on our hose software solutions for distributors.

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Finding the Right Vendor for Your Hose Distribution Business

This premium guide from Tribute will provide you with tips on how to select an ERP partner that truly knows your business and has sophisticated tools to help your business grow.

If you are a hose distributor, what are the items on your "must have" list?

  • Tools to enter hose assemblies, including cut lengths, easily and quickly
  • Ability to add labor & burden to accurately track profit margins
  • Easily add instruction and schematics for accurate builds
  • Counter sales module
  • Provide outside sales force the tools to access key information on the road
  • Provide CSRs the needed tools to service customers quickly and accurately
  • Partnerships with major suppliers to streamline your supply chain

Fill out the form to get access to our in-depth Whitepaper: ERP Software for Hose Distribution & Fabrication: How to Find the Right Vendor Partner for Your Company.

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Client Testimonial: Faxon Engineering

Faxon Engineering is a leading distributor of hose, fittings, hydraulic, pneumatic and lubrication components. They are AS9100 + ISO 9001 certified, providing a quality management system for distribution of products to the Aerospace, Industrial, Marine, High Performance, Utility and Pharmaceutical markets.

TrulinX ERP software has helped Faxon to meet their quality control objectives and improve customer service through increased performance management capabilities. Their favorite TrulinX features include:

  • Multiple components to help develop, monitor, and meet their overall quality objectives
  • Quality enhancing details such as Bill of Materials and Comments, which allows the Faxon team to add detailed checklists, work instructions and customer requirements - displayed all throughout the workflow process
  • Vendor performance management and customer service level performance capabilities
  • Ability to monitor on-time delivery performance

Customer Spotlight

Tribute Customer Spotlight: Mid-State Aerospace, Inc.

In the world of industrial distribution, it isn’t common to see a company owned, much less founded, by a woman. Since its founding in 1983, Mid-State Aerospace has become one of only a handful of Parker distributors with a certified on-site hose shop that fabricates hose assemblies to fit the exact specifications required by the aerospace industry....

Tribute Customer Spotlight: Colliflower, Inc.

Colliflower is a full line stocking distributor of Parker Fluid Connectors. Colliflower has 31 stores located throughout Georgia, Florida, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Virginia and has been using software by Tribute, Inc. since 1999....

Industry Partners

One of the best ways we can anticipate a distributor’s needs is by knowing their vendors. That’s why we’ve forged strong relationships with a number of leading flow control manufacturers. By working closely with them, we can help our software users meet vendor requirements and maximize discounts, all while selling the product in the most efficient manner.

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  • Sales reporting
  • Automatic rebate calculation & reporting
  • EDI integration
  • Price update and item loading
  • PHconnect & PHAST integration
  • Parker Tracking System (PTS) integration
  • DistraNet integration
Eaton Logo

  • Retail sales: Aeroquip Express, Weatherhead Port-to-Port Stores
  • P.O.S. sales and Inventory reporting
  • Calculation of rebates per Eaton specifications & reporting
  • Hose assembly generation with labor and cut length calculation
  • Consolidation of purchase orders
  • Easily transmit PO's
  • Easy price updates and new item imports
  • Integrated with Eaton Hydraulics' powerful inventory sharing network WarehouseTWO
  • Eaton Corporation uses TrulinX's Counter Store application for their Van Wert Aeroquip Express Store
Dixon Logo

  • Exporting purchase orders to Dixon Valve
  • Easily handle price updates
  • Easy tracking of non-stock and drop shipment sales
Gates Logo

  • Hose assembly generation with labor and cut length calculation
  • Retail sales: Counter Store module
  • Serial number tracking
  • Consolidation of purchase order
  • Calculation of rebates
  • Easily udpate pricing and upload new items
  • PowerPro integration for easy PO transmittal
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Trade Associations

Best-in-Class Partners That Enhance the Capabilities of Your ERP System