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Quoting, Order Entry & Purchase Processing

Increase profits with automated quoting, order entry, and purchase processing.

Today’s industrial distributor is faced with increasingly demanding customers, low margins, and a growing list of competitors. In order to succeed, opportunities exist to optimize the quoting, order entry, and purchasing processes for distributors with the right business management software.

Whereas some software solutions may provide just one standalone feature, the capabilities of Tribute Inc.’s industry-focused ERP software, TrulinX, are extensive. Distributors have found that TrulinX provides them with real value, helping to streamline processes and ensure accuracy by eliminating the need for disparate systems. Our tried-and-true software system has been proven to help distributors improve profit margins, remain competitive, and ultimately, deliver exceptional customer service. See what TrulinX can do you for you!

Sales Enablement Features Tailored to Your Distribution Business

Unlike other industry software, the TrulinX platform has been developed with the customer in mind. That’s why our quoting, order entry, and purchasing process features were created to align with the specific needs of fluid power, sealing, hose, pump, and automation distributors.


Having a streamlined quoting process is often the first step toward making a sale. TrulinX’s automated quoting feature allows distributors to check pricing and availability in real time—even if you’re at the counter with a customer. Not to mention, with the help of our pre-defined BOM, quoting projects becomes quick and easy.

Sales Order Entry

Distributors who provide customer-specific assemblies or products need a system that will allow them the flexibility to meet a buyer’s needs. With TrulinX, the sales order entry component of the software does just that. Along with the ability to create templates with specific instructions for every assembly, the platform also allows the user to attach specs, photos, and CAD drawings directly to the part number.

Purchase Order Processing

TrulinX’s automated purchase order processing allows for the capture and storage of files, such as product images, POs, packing lists, technical specifications, and spreadsheets. Other features of the TrulinX purchase order process software include:

  • Document archival
  • Capturing incoming purchase order data
  • Automated capture, storage, and upload of customer purchase orders

Positive Pay

Another unique feature of the TrulinX purchasing process software is Positive Pay. Positive Pay is an automated check matching program and fraud detection tool that is offered by most bank cash management departments. With TrulinX, checks which have either been stolen or altered will be caught and eliminated.

Benefits of TrulinX Quoting, Order Entry & Purchase Processing

Tracking Actual vs. Estimated Costs

Managing and reconciling both estimated and actual costs is one way for distributors to control their margins. TrulinX makes this process quick and easy by converting quotes to orders with the click of a button to help you maximize gross margins.

Increased Sales

Improving sales is one of the most important goals for a distributor. With the help of TrulinX, setting reminders to follow-up with customers is effortless. Through constant communication, there are more opportunities to obtain more quotes and, ultimately, orders.

Improved Customer Service

TrulinX provides distributors with valuable information to improve their customer service. The software allows for lost sales to be tracked and tagged so that a team member can explore why the customer decided not to buy. Within the system, there is also the option to make personal notes on accounts for future reference.

Easily Turn Quotes into Sales with TrulinX

Having a system that optimizes quoting, order entry, and purchasing processing is important for any industrial distribution business. TrulinX supplies you with the software and tools you need to improve margins, control costs, and increase customer satisfaction.

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