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About the Tribute Software team

Learn About Tribute Inc.

Every industrial and engineered products distributor and fabricator can benefit from efficient project management and supply chain management. Since 1983, Tribute, Inc. has been providing niche-focused and high-quality integrated ERP software solutions, powering our customers past their competition by helping them:

  • Better serve their customers
  • Streamline their business processes and business functions
  • Lower costs
  • Enhance margins through better cost control

Our origin was at an industrial distributorship, so we truly understand your unique needs and design our software with customer and vendor partner input to address those ever-changing needs.


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Tribute’s customers are some of the most forward-thinking leaders in the industrial distribution industry. For that reason, our customers need an integrated ERP software solution equipped with advanced technology, aiding in streamlined business solutions

Call us today to learn the benefits of having warehouse management inventory software powered by TrulinX. 

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The History of Tribute

In 1928, Mr. B.W. Rogers Sr. founded what was known then as the B.W. Rogers Company (today known at Kaman Fluid Power). The company began as a sales agent for manufacturers such as Allis Chalmers and B.F. Goodrich then transitioned into a power transmission/process equipment and belting distributor. In 1947, The Parker Alliance Company asked the B.W. Rogers Company to become a hydraulic tube fittings distributor.

This change was the company’s first significant step into the fluid handling business and distribution. B.W. Rogers Company became one of Ohio’s largest-selling organizations for fluid power products.

During the early 1980s, B.W. Rogers Company streamlined its operations to remain profitable and competitive by developing a custom software system to distribute hose, fluid power, and rubber products.

In 1983, after three years of development, their new software system was finished, which B.W. Rogers began selling nationwide. Thus, Tribute was born.

In February 1994, Tim Reynolds acquired Tribute Inc. In 2004, we introduced our state-of-the-art product TrulinX, which uses SQL Server Database, Windows Server Operating System, and Object-Oriented Programming Architecture.

Mission Statement

Our purpose is to empower our customers and employees to thrive. We embody respect and integrity in everything we do. Consider us your long-term business partner, providing industry-specific tools, personalized support, and domain expertise to maximize your profits.

We are proud that our employees garner more than 517 years of experience collectively, with the average employee tenure of 14 years. This is what makes our team so unique – because of in-depth experience and commitment, we truly understand your industry challenges.   

Tribute Software Mission Statement

TrulinX ERP Software

Empowering Clients

We are proud of our signature software solution, TrulinX, which helps industrial and engineered product distributors & fabricators bolster profits and gain an edge over competitors.

We have over 35 years of experience in:

TrulinX Features:

  • Quoting, order entry, and purchase processing
  • Counter sales features
  • Wireless warehouse management 
  • Work Order Management
  • Capacity Planning
  • Hose Configurator
  • Barcoding forms, labels, and more
  • Special Price Agreements (SPA)
  • Lot control
  • Real time ERP data that tracks business activity
  • Service and repair management
  • Full integration with UPS WorldShip/FedEx

Leader in ERP Solutions

Tribute consistently proves that we are a leader in ERP solutions for your industry. Any industrial distributor or fabricator that partners with Tribute will benefit from more than the TrulinX software. You’ll gain a strategic business partner that knows your business and how your software needs to perform.

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Man at Computer with Tribute's TrulinX Software

How Our ERP Innovation Has Helped Our Customers

Tribute and the TrulinX ERP Software focus on helping our customers achieve “Best Practice” by integrating with carefully vetted partners who offer:

  • EDI
  • Credit Card Processing
  • e-Commerce Integration
  • Signature Capturing
  • Cloud Backup Service/Business Continuity
  • Mobile Applications
  • Automated Tax Compliance
  • Document Management
  • Inventory Sharing
  • IT Solutions

Our systems power millions of dollars in monthly transactions and supply thousands of users with critical information day and night. Tribute also offers 100% US-based tech support. This type of tech support ensures there are efficient and speedy resolutions.

Committed to You

We are committed to investing in your success. Our personalized customer service, enhancements that benefit your business, and a solid strategic partnership will aid in your success.

Customer Service Support

100% U.S-based tech support from Tribute Inc.