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About our team

About Us

Since 1983, Tribute Software has been providing integrated ERP software solutions, powering our customers past their competition by helping them better serve their customers, streamline their operations, lower costs, and enhance margins through better cost control.  Our origin was at an industrial distributorship, so we truly understand your unique needs and design our software with customer and vendor partner input to address those ever-changing needs.

TrulinX ERP Software

We are most proud of our signature software solution, TrulinX, which helps industrial distributors bolster profits and gain an edge on competitors.  We incorporate more than 35 years of experience in hose & fittings distribution, fluid power, fluid handling, motion control, instrumentation and more! Tribute proves to remain the industry leader in ERP solutions for your industry. You get much more than just software. You get a strategic business partner that knows your business and what you need your software to do.

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For the last several years

The primary focus of Tribute, Inc. and the TrulinX Software System has been strongly focusing on helping our customers achieve “Best Practice” using innovative technologies such as ACH, Credit Card Processing, e-Commerce Integration, Signature Capturing, Cloud Backup Service/Business Continuity, Wireless Warehouse Management, Mobile applications, and more! Our systems now power millions of dollars in transactions every month and supply thousands of users with critical information day and night.

Committed to You

Tribute is committed to investing in our customers' success through personalized customer service, enhancements that benefit your business, and a strong strategic partnership.

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Tribute's customers are some of the most forward-thinking leaders of the industrial distribution industry.

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