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Tribute Vendor Partner, MITS, Discusses Business Intelligence (BI) User Adaption

Mits_logo_tagline_vert2_rgb_smallTribute vendor partner, MITS, has published an excellent three-part series on business intelligence (BI) tools that, if used correctly, can help you stay abreast of your business trends, profitability, and more.

The first installment of the series, Thoughts on Business Intelligence User Adoption: Part 1, discusses how to determine who will benefit from using BI tools within your company.  MITS representative, Nick Matas, states the success of any BI tool is dependent on user adoption, and strategies should be in place for every software implementation plan. 

The second installment, BI User Adoption Part 2: What Information is Needed?, addresses how to determine the type of information required throughout your company.  Your staff will likely require different reporting vehicles such as dashboards, scorecards, and analytical or operational reporting.  Utilizing a BI solution such as MITS, who has nearly 20 years of experience serving wholesale distributors, will alleviate the laborious task of programming custom reports – which could take months or even years to accomplish. 

The last installment, BI User Adoption Part 3: Access Preferences, discusses how you’ll disseminate the information to the users.  Your team will have various proficiency levels when it comes to software technology.  This article explores the benefits of MITS browser-based solutions, and for those who are less comfortable with technology, an alternative method to receiving the information.  


MITS Distributor Analytics allows distributors to use the data in their ERP systems to make better, more informed decisions by making that data easily available from you desktop, tablet or smartphone.

Integrated with TrulinX ERP distribution management software, customers have real-time facts and trends at their fingertips and the intelligence needed during customer meetings and vendor negotiations — no matter where they take place.

MITS Distributor Analytics allows customers to build custom reports to their own specifications or use a set of standard dashboards, scorecards, and hundreds of interactive reports specifically designed to answer the most common distributor questions. For more information on MITS, click here.

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