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Tribute, Inc. President Talks About the Transition of Company Post Sale in January 2020

When Tim Reynolds, President of Tribute, Inc., was weighing his options of his retirement and exit strategies, he had a lot to consider.  He wanted to be sure that he transitioned the company he worked so hard to build into good hands.  Tribute, Inc. is an ERP provider to fluid power & motion control, hose & accessories, fluid handling, fluid sealing, automation & robotics, pump, instrumentation & process control industry distributors.  Tim was looking to sell his company to a like-minded organization that valued the relationships with not only its employees, but also its customers.  So, he had a short list of factors that had to be met:  Is it a good fit for my employees? Is it a good fit for my customers?  Is it a good fit for me?

In a recent article by Volaris Group, Tribute’s new owners as of January 2020, Tim discusses what those factors were and how the transition has been since the January announcement.

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