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Fluid Power & Motion Control

Fluid power lines

TrulinX software helps fluid power and motion control distributors tighten operations.

Tribute got its start in the fluid power industry, so we understand what distributors need an ERP software to do and how to implement it. Fluid power and motion control distributors need a business management software that will help streamline processes, reduce costs, save time, stay competitive, and improve customer service. That’s where Tribute’s industry-leading software, TrulinX, shows its value.

But we’re more than just an industrial distribution software package. With over 35 years of industry experience, we’ll work as a strategic partner to help your fluid power and motion control distribution business run smoother. From better inventory management to assigning projects to work centers, we can help you bolster profits and gain an edge on competitors.

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The staff at Tribute concentrates their expertise on distribution and fabrication industries, which make it a perfect fit for our engineering and manufacturing establishment.
Roger Betten, MFP Automation

TrulinX Software is specifically designed for Fluid Power & Motion Control distributors

TrulinX’s software features for fluid power distributors include:

  • Sophisticated work order management system to easily enter and substitute components on complicated assemblies like power units, cylinders, valve assemblies, pump systems, etc.
  • Customizable templates for complex assemblies to obtain all the information needed on a quote to ensure the assembly is fabricated correctly
  • Track and route labor & burden and easily outsource subassemblies
  • Designate standard pack buy quantities (no broken box charges or expensive components on the shelf)
  • Infinite number of pricing levels - can recognize whole purchase price vs per piece pricing
  • Simplified vendor rebate program to track every component in every assembly in your warehouse
  • Automated special pricing agreements help maximize gains and ensure you are reaping the highest profit margins
  • Flexible counter / retail sales module enables you to process walk-in orders, or pick-ups, quickly and efficiently

TrulinX puts information into the hands of your customer service team

This helps your team quote more competitively and close sales more effectively. TrulinX’s powerful customer service features include:

  • Check price, availability, most often ordered, history & substitutes all on one screen
  • Easily search for product numbers
  • Offer substitutions and cross-referenced product numbers
  • Attach schematics, documents and photos to product numbers
  • Import quotes to save time and errors on manual entry
  • Easily import pricing catalogs for new lines or entry of large numbers of product numbers
  • Track lost sales
  • Automatic follow-up for all previous quotes & inquiries

11 Things the Best Fluid Power & Motion Control Distributors do to Improve Inventory Turns & Increase Profit Margins

Do you know what your inventory turnover ratio is? If you don’t know what it is for your company, you’re in trouble!

Most fluid power and motion control distributors provide value-add services and have unique business constraints that affect their inventory turn ratio, so it’s not as simple to determine how to get the best ratio as it is for wholesale distributors.

This paper outlines the importance of knowing your inventory turn ratio and 11 ways to get the optimum inventory stocking levels for your value-add distribution organization.

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MFP Automation Engineering

The team at MFP Automation Engineering shares the benefits of partnering with TrulinX ERP software.

"This business software allows us to streamline orders from quote to invoice. We utilize its efficiencies and tools to integrate electronic orders, quickly print reports, and manage a large inventory which frees up our time and skillsets to focus on the business. With the use of TrulinX, our procedures are very effective, efficient, and saves cost. TrulinX has not only made our lives easier, but the benefits have undoubtedly trickled down to the customer in the form of time, financial savings, and order accuracy."

Customer Spotlight

Tribute Customer Spotlight: Behco-MRM

Tribute customer, Behco-MRM, Inc., is headquartered in eastern Michigan and is a tri-technology distributor and integrator providing motion control solutions with pneumatic, hydraulic and electro-mechanical technologies....

Tribute Customer Spotlight: Hydraulic Controls, Inc.

For nearly 50 years Hydraulic Controls, Inc. (HCI) has been a premier hydraulic distributor in the Pacific Southwest....

Tribute Customer Spotlight: PowerFlow Fluid Systems

PowerFlow Fluid Systems is a leading fluid systems, filtration and separation technology supplier to the energy industry. A full service provider, they provide products and services for all forms of power generation facilities, transmission and distribution, and turbo-machinery manufacturers....

Industry Partners

Tribute, Inc. believes that one of the best ways we can anticipate a distributor’s needs is by knowing their vendors. That’s why we’ve forged strong relationships with a number of leading industrial manufacturers in your industry. By working closely with them, we can help our software users meet vendor requirements and maximize discounts, all while selling the product in the most efficient manner.

Eaton Logo

  • Easy price updates and new item imports
  • Retail sales: Aeroquip Express - Weatherhead Port-to-Port Stores
  • P.O.S sales reporting
  • Inventory Reporting
  • Calculation of Rebates & Reporting
  • Hose assembly generation
  • Consolidation of purchase orders
  • Easily transmit PO's
Parker Logo

  • Sales reporting
  • Automatic rebate calculation & reporting
  • EDI integration
  • Price update and item loading
  • PHconnect & PHAST integration
  • Parker Tracking System (PTS) integration
Rexroth Group Logo

  • POS Sales reporting
  • Rebates
  • Automatic report generation
  • EDI transmissions
  • Upload catalogs and easy price updates
Pall Corporation Logo

  • 80 character part number capacity
  • POS Sales reporting
  • Automatic price updates
  • Exporting invoices & purchase orders
sun hydraulics corporation

Sun Hydraulics

  • Exporting POs to Sun Hydraulics
  • Images/Graphics on PN
  • Easy tracking of non-stock and drop shipment sales
  • Easy price updates

Trade Associations

Best In Class Partners That Enhance the Capabilities of Your ERP System

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We are more than just a software package. We value becoming a trusted member of your team.


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