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Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Launches Knowledge Center

TrelleborgDo you have a question about sealing? Want to know the latest research news and development activity in the sealing industry?

Check out the Technical Library  by Trelleborg Sealing Solutions to showcase best practice in sealing technology.

The Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Technical Library offers you a Collection of Webinars, Whitepapers and Technical Articles covering various Topics in the World of Seals and Sealing Technology.

A few of their resources:

  • High Speed Rotary Seals for Electric Drive Units - Tech Talk
  • Predictive Maintenance - Tech Talk
  • An Introduction to Lubrication Management - White Paper 
  • 5 Medical Tubing Manufacturing Processes to Achieve Complex Geometries - Technical Article
  • Lubrication Management - Webinar 

Trelleborg-material-compatibility-appTrelleborg also has numerous mobile apps, including the Hydraulic Cylinder Calculator (an intuitive tool to calculate parameters for both single-acting and double-acting cylinders) and Material Compatibility (a quick and easy overview of which materials are compatible with different environments).

For a complete listing of their mobile apps like the Aerospace Groove Selector, Converter, ISO Fits and Tolerances, Installation Instructions, O-Ring Calculator, Tubing & Hose Selector, Load Calculator, Shim Selector and more, click here.

Tribute, Inc. is a leading provider of ERP business management software for industrial distributors in the sealing, hose, and fluid power industry. For more information, contact us or visit

Updated 12/20/19

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