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The Value of a Niche Software Provider

Sometimes it's easy to know when it’s time to upgrade or change your back-office systems — because your employees are telling you, loud and clear!

If they're screaming for new functionality or are working around the present system, if they can't easily manipulate or combine data from existing business systems, or if they can't get the right data to use at the right time, it's time to consider a new business management or enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution.

Valueofnichesoftwareprovider chartWhen shopping for software, there are three primary types of software that most companies will consider:

 - Custom Solutions

 - General ERP

 - Industry/Niche Specific Solutions

Each of these options has pros and cons. However, for small to midsize companies looking to operate more efficiently and promote growth, a niche-specific software provider is the way to go.

This option is generally a fraction of the cost of creating custom software, tailored more to your business than a generalized ERP provider, and a big plus for companies looking to work with a partner that knows their industry and will help them get the most value out of their investment. There are significant benefits to partnering with a niche provider like Tribute, Inc.

Benefit from Tribute’s Experience in Your Industry

One of the key reasons to buy industry specific software is not only do you get software that fits right “out of the box” but you also gain from the niche provider’s experience in your industry. For example, Tribute’s 33+ years of experience in fluid power, fluid handling, hose, sealing, belting, automation, motion control and related marketplace.

We are actively involved in your trade associations (FPDA, ISD, NFPA,  NAHAD, NIBA), have relationships with major manufacturers in your industry (Bosch Rexroth, Brennan Industries, Dixon Valve & Coupling, Eaton Corp, Flexco, Garlock, Gates Corp., Gould, Linde Hydraulics, Parker Hannifin, Pall Corp., Sun Hydraulics, Tuthill, among others), and actively work with our Users Group to make sure our software is 100% applicable to your business.

Working with a Partner that Understands Your Needs

The advantage of working with a niche provider is that they understand your needs and requirements and are able to offer you solutions or suggestions that they’ve seen work under similar circumstances. Tribute’s support staff trains at distributorships just like yours, so they know how to help you and when you have a question, you can talk directly with one of our customer service reps. And they’ll understand what you’re talking about when you mention your complicated bill of materials, like power units and custom manifolds, because they don’t have to try to service 20+ different industries.

You Don’t Have to Mold our Software to Fit Your Business

Creating special work-arounds to fit your business is a major disadvantage in buying a general ERP. Many companies will choose to purchase software from larger companies because they feel a certain comfort level with a big name, only to find out that they are forced to jump through hoops because the general ERP doesn’t provide the industry-specific features or personalized service they require or accommodate their needs. With Tribute, we’ve already done that for you - we have a depth of functionality unseen in general ERP solutions!

And Most Importantly – A Quicker Learning Curve & Continued Support

It is said that the real cost of software lies in the “soft costs” associated with loss of productivity and morale that comes with implementing a new system. Humans are creatures of habit, and most employees grumble at the thought of learning something new.

With Tribute, you will be working with a partner that understands your business, talks your language, and provides an on-site training program to get your company on board as painlessly and as timely as possible. And we continue that great service with phone support that knows you and your business, ongoing training through via inexpensive online webinars or onsite consulting, and annual User’s Group Meetings.

Getting your staff trained on the new software in a timely and comprehensive manner ensures that you get your return on investment as quickly as possible. All the cool features in your new software package aren’t going to be much use unless they’re being used. And that’s where Tribute excels – working with our partners to get the most out of the software to run their businesses successfully.

For more information about our Windows SQL software, TrulinX, designed specifically for industrial distributors, fabricators and system integrators, visit

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