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Small Business Must Have: Datto's Essential Cybersecurity Checklist

Datto-cybersecurity-checklistWith cyber attacks on the rise, it’s more important than ever to make sure your customers are properly protected. 

Ransomware has turned into a full-fledged cybersecurity epidemic, and a lack of employee training can be a disastrous combination.

Ransomware costs small business over 75 billion per year, according to Datto's Global Ransomware Report and Forbes recently reported that 70% of Executives Caved in to Ransomware Demands. To help educate businesses about ransomware, Tribute's data backup services provider, Datto, has created a checklist to ensure critical business data is protected.  

The threat is real - see how one Tribute customer was affected by a ransomware attack in our previous article, The Threat of Ransomware is Real and Growing.

Datto-official-logoWith Datto's great cybersecurity toolkit, you will be able access the tools to educate your staff about protecting your business from this growing threat before it’s too late.

In this toolkit, you will learn:

  • Quick and easy tips for setting up a cybersecurity training program
  • From Phishing to Malvertising - how to spot (and avoid) a cyber scam!
  • Essential solutions for total data protection and more

For more information about Datto's backup and business continuity services, visit


Tribute, Inc. a provider of business management software for industrial distributors who provide engineering, design and fabrication services, partners with Datto to offer business continuity and disaster recovery services to their clients.

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