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Get Your Sales Staff Connected with Mobile Business Intelligence by Rubber Tree Systems

RubberTreeLogo-WhiteTribute, Inc.'s sales force mobilization partner, Rubber Tree Systems, offers a business intelligence system that is integrated with Tribute's ERP business management software systems for industrial distributors.

Tribute and TrulinX Mobile extract the data from the TrulinX and Tribute software systems and shares it with any mobile device. 

Rubber-Tree-iPadE-mail, calendar, and contacts are all important information for your sales people to have at their fingertips, but what about your ERP system data?

The latest activity on orders, quotes, and invoices are the lifeline to a successful salesperson. Now there is a way to push that data to your sales force via their cell phone, iPad, or other mobile device while they are on the road.

With Rubber Tree Systems integrated products, TrulinX and Tribute Mobile, not only can sales people retrieve the data when they need it, but it is also pushed to them when predetermined criteria are matched based on customer, dollar amounts, margins, and other changes in your ERP system.

Double entry and additional workload can be the downfall of any new software initiative. Tribute and TrulinX Mobile integrate directly with the current system data to become a no workload, one click system for your sales force.

Rubber-tree-accountinfoYour customer service and sales force never need to manually enter data or send orders and quotes to the sales person; it is done automatically with the Mobile Server and your software system.

Some of the benefits of Rubber Tree System's technology:

  • hosted real-time solution
  • no training required, easy to implement and use
  • mobile sales dashboard
  • customer specific pricing on the go
  • easily view current quote & order detail
  • quickly view invoice history
  • easy mobile alert set-up
  • quickly connect your customers to their sales data
  • allow customers to monitor their day-to-day business activity through a secure Customer Portal

Not only is Rubber Tree Systems focused on the sales force, but they are focused on industrial distribution as well. With a firm understanding of the typical industrial products sales person, their products have become a truly one click, real-time solution. Focus is placed on ease of use and immediate information, two major factors in a successful sales software initiative.

The decision to mobilize your sales force does not have to be a difficult one. With the right tools, like Tribute and TrulinX Mobile, your return can be quick and your sales people can achieve true growth in sales and margins.

Click here for more information about Rubber Tree Systems' Tribute Mobile and TrulinX Mobile and other products.

For more information on ERP business management software for industrial distributors by Tribute, Inc., click here.

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