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8 Ways TrulinX Makes Business Simple for Hose Distributors

Hose-AssembliesAre you an industrial or hydraulic hose distributor? Does your current software require you to jump through hoops to enter orders and manage your hose assemblies?

Suppose you were able to get tighter and more accurate control over inventory while increasing productivity at the same time? For a hose distributor, that’s not an easy task.

But, what if you had a tool that could help you generate complete hose assemblies in seconds? Oh, and by the way, this same tool would automatically calculate cut-off lengths, material cost and labor amounts and allow you to automatically generate serial numbers & labels! Well, it’s out there, and it’s called TrulinX!

Tribute's flagship product, TrulinX, was written from the ground up to incorporate the specific and unique advantages for hose fabricators & distributors:

Hydraulic Hose Assembly Generator -This SMART PART feature saves time and money by allowing hydraulic hose assemblies to be generated in seconds while guiding you through the process.

Hose-assembly-instructionsAutomatic Labor Calculations by Hose Length and/or Fitting Diameter - Save time and increase efficiency by automatically calculating labor amounts based on the hose length and/or fitting diameter so you can capture true gross margins on all your assemblies.

Automatic Cut-Off Length Calculation - Use manufacturer’s cut-off length per end fitting to quickly and accurately calculate hose lengths.

Barcode_GraphicAutomatic Generation of Serial Numbers/Labels - This feature allows users to set up a standard template for serial numbers connected to the appropriate product categories. Whenever an order is finalized for a hose assembly in one of these product categories, a new serial number will be automatically generated and printed to a label along with the pick ticket.

Counter-salesRetail/Counter Sales Application - Improve customer service at your counter by quickly and efficiently servicing your customer whether they pay by cash, credit, or applied to their account. Customers can also make deposits on special order or back-ordered items at the counter.

Lot Control Visibility & Management - You can buy in one unit and sell in another, e.g. feet, inches or meters, while managing all the various cut lengths. You will have visibility into the various lots from Quote/Order Entry while on the phone with a customer.

Crimp and Assembly Instructions - Protect against costly mistakes by having detailed instructions by assembly or component such as crimp specifications, die selection or assembly procedures.

Trulinxlogo_NEWLoad Manufacturers’ Part Numbers - Keep your inventory accurate and up-to-date by and up-to-date by easily uploading your major supplier’s catalog containing vital information such as: part numbers, descriptions, price, cost, and price updates.

Tribute also partners with major hose manufacturers to streamline their distributors' supply chain. Click on the links to see the benefits for Dixon Valve, Eaton, Gates, Parker Hannifin and Sun Hydraulics distributors, including those with Parker Stores and Aeroquip Express and Weatherhead Port-to-Port stores.

NAHAD Logo 2_c(member)Tribute has been a long time member of the Association for Hose & Accessories Distribution (NAHAD) and many customers serve on the board of this organization, keeping Tribute at the forefront of the industry.

These are just a few of the advantages of TrulinX software for hose and fluid power distributors. To see the time you could save by utilizing TrulinX software, click here