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ROI Calculator

Get a Closer Look at the Impact TruilnX Will Have In Your Business With Our ROI Calculator

To determine how profitable an investment in TrulinX Software would be for your company, use our ROI calculator developed by ROI Selling. This tool will easily generate the savings provided in increased employee productivity and improved processes.

Tribute's ROI calculator incorporates data gathered from industry trade associations (NAHAD, AHTD, FPDA, NFPA, NIBA, and PTDA) as the first step in building a quantifiable business case and determining where you can derive business benefits.

Using your company’s own data, you can calculate how much you can save over a five year time period in different areas such as order entry, warehouse and assembly labor, scrap material costs, inventory management, manufacturer rebates, and more.

With an effective business case, business process management, and organizational change management tools and methods in place, your TrulinX implementation will be much more likely to achieve the business benefits you expect from your system.

All ROI reports will be kept confidential. 


ROI Calculator

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