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Your Healthcare Tab for the Next Year?

Healthcare costs have strained companies’ budgets over the past 10 years … and it's not over yet.

Double-digit increases are in store for employers once again, according to Buck Consultants. Here are their estimates of how much more your company should prepare to pay in the next year, based on the type of plans you offer:

  • Preferred Provider Organization (PPO): an 11% increase (vs. 11.1% a year ago)
  • Point-of-Service (POS): a 10.2% hike (compared with 10.8% most recently)
  • Health Maintenance Organization (HMO): an 11% jump (vs. 11.1% in 2009), and
  • High Deductible Consumer-Driven: a 10.4% increase (compared with 10.7% this year).

In addition, you can count on paying an additional 10.8% for prescription drug coverage. That’s on top of the 11.4% increase from last year.



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