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Windows Server 2003 R2 Support Ends Next Year

Windows-2003-EndsMicrosoft will stop its support of Windows Server 2003 R2 next year - on July 14th 2015.

While that may seem like a long time, server migrations are always more complicated than desktop migrations. The change from 2003 to 2008 R2 / 2012 R2 is night and day and there are no promises of compatibility.

This will be the end of Extended Support for Server 2003 R2, much like Windows XP just went through, which means no more patches or fixes, period. Microsoft is officially ending the life of the Operating System.  Server 2003 still accounts for about 20% of total Windows Server installations and will be down to 10% by the end of 2014, according to IDC.

The minimum required to run TrulinX software, business management software for industrial distributors, is Windows Server 2008 R2 with Windows 2012 R2 recommended for optimal operation.

Our perferred solution provider, Harland Technology Services, can help you plan for a successful migration. Click here for more information on a migration or call 800-228-3628. Click here for an overview of Harland's services.

Harland Technology Services

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