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Windows 8 is Here

Windows 8 was just released last week, and it promises to shake things up in the computing world. Windows 8 uses a new style interface for use with touchscreens as well as traditional PCs. Programs automatically run in fullscreen mode, a new tiled display replaces the traditional Windows desktop, and the Start menu is gone. Windows 8 is Microsoft's effort to adapt to the touchscreen and cloud-driven devices becoming more and more common every day, but will it make life more difficult for the business user?

Win8In addition to its new interface that supports touchscreens, Windows 8 includes better multiple monitor support, more integrated Search and social functions, and much more. For a summary of the differences between Windows 8 and Windows 7, try this article by Dan Grabham for TechRadar.

Want to try Windows 8, but not sure if your laptop will support it? Most PCs currently running Windows 7 should be able to handle it, but to be sure, refer to this list of requirements from PC Magazine.

Need details on where to swipe your finger (or mouse) to actually navigate in Windows 8? Check out this article and video from Fox News.

If you use a lot of applications, or you are accustomed to viewing a few different programs arranged on your screen at once, it might be difficult to adjust to Windows 8. You'll find some reasons why you may not want to upgrade right away in this article by Lincoln Spector for PCWorld.

For more resources on Windows 8, try the Microsoft website or this page of links from PCWorld.

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