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Windows 7 Is Here

Microsoft's latest operating system, Windows 7, was released last week. At our office we have several employees who were eager to install this OS on their work and home computers.

Are you thinking of upgrading to Windows 7? Check out this review from CNET, which includes charts comparing Windows 7 features and performance to Vista and XP.

For a little more detail, here is a review from PC Plus.

If you have any questions or problems with upgrading, you can visit the official Microsoft Help and How-To page here.

Once you have upgraded, you can find dozens of quick tips on this page, courtesy of How-To Geek.

And just in case you were wondering, we have found no problems with running the latest version of TrulinX or Tribute software under Windows 7. But if you rely on other older software in your office, you may be able to run Windows 7 in "XP Mode" and still access those programs. Click here for a closer look at XP Mode.

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