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WIKA Introduces New Blog & FAST Program


WIKA, a world market leader in pressure, temperature, and level measurement instrumentation, has a new slogan - Let Us Be the Gauge Experts … So You Don’t Have to Be.

To that end, they have introduced a couple of new vehicles to enhance their customer experience, one of them a new blog called Instrument Guru for insight on pressure and temperature instrumentation as well as industry trends and developments.

The Instrument Guru states, “You don’t want to be gauge experts, and you don’t have to be. That’s our job. Read our articles for industry trends as well as how instrumentation can help improve safety, operations and profits. After all, it’s not just about pressure and temperature measurement…it’s about evaluating and improving performance.”

Wika-FASTWIKA has also developed the Full Audit Service Team (FAST), a value-added program to help ensure plant safety, productivity and profitability. The FAST engineers will review your plants and storerooms to make sure you have the right gauge at the right time in the right place.

FAST services include: Instrument Audit, Turnaround Instrument Planning, Instrument Failure Analysis and Instrument Safety, and Training.

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