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Veyance Podcasts: A New Way to Communicate with Customers

Goodyear-veyanceGoodyear Veyance offers a new way to communicate with its customers, from distributors to end-users: podcasts focused on innovation.

The Innovation Institute web page and the Professors Podcast is the newest way to learn about industrial news and technology from Veyance Technologies. Different experts, aka professors, in individual product categories will host each installment, ensuring that the topics are thoroughly and accurately covered.


The podcasts will be highly relevant to individual trades because they will primarily focus on industry trends, behind-the-science technology and product innovations that benefit everyone from distributors to end-users.

From hydraulic hose to conveyor belt to power transmission products and more, Anthony DiGiacobbe, Innovation Manager for Veyance's Conveyor Belt Division, and his colleagues will share the details behind the innovations. Recent podcasts include:

Additional training is offered through the Goodyear Engineered Products Home Study Training Center. You can access the podcasts via their website, RSS feed, and iTunes. For information on The Goodyear Engineered Products Product Finder mobile app, click here.

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