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TrulinX: Making Business Simple for Manufacturer's Reps

TrulinX logo Tribute CAre you a Manufacturer’s Rep in the fluid power distribution marketplace? Does your current software require you to jump through hoops to manage your non-traditional sales?

Are you forced to do creative accounting in Excel or some 3rd party software package just to accommodate your Agency / Manufacturer Rep orders?

You don’t need to do that extra work anymore! TrulinX was written from the ground up to incorporate the special needs and requirements of the Agency Sales / Manufacturer’s Representative.

TrulinX is written so that your distribution orders and Agency/Manufacturer orders can be entered, booked, tracked and managed separately, while still providing you with the power of consolidating these different types of transactions into one organized database for sales and financial analysis.

TrulinX can handle complex situations involving partial shipments and partial commission receipts.

For example: If the vendor sends an advanced shipping notice for an agent order and it is a partial shipment, you can enter it on the agent order and then when the commission payment comes you can match it with the shipment records.

There is also an option to prorate the commission payment if you get a partial payment. So, if you are owed $100 in commission but receive $70 initially, TrulinX will apply 70% of the commission for each individual line on the agent order. Or if you need more control, you can apply a partial commission payment on a line-by-line basis.

Rep-mapReports are generated by Distribution bookings & sales and Agency bookings & sales, subtotaled, then included in a company grand total. This makes life much easier for your sales management and accounting personnel to perform the necessary analysis to effectively manage your business.

TrulinX also offers the easiest and most efficient way to track sales commissions. Once the manufacturer acknowledges and/or ships the product, TrulinX will assist you in managing the commissions through our Open Agent A/R Commission Report with its aging capabilities. You also have the option to view agency orders separately as part of the standard commission report.

The Sales Management Inquiry Screens allow you to view sales Daily, Monthly or Yearly – separating your Distribution Sales from your Agency Sales before totaling so you get an accurate picture of your total sales. And isn’t that much easier than messing around with numerous and assorted spreadsheets?

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