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TrulinX ERP Software Integrates to Parker Tracking System

Are you a distributor of Parker Hannifin hydraulic or industrial hose? Do you utilize their Parker Tracking System?

The Parker Tracking System (PTS) is a comprehensive asset management solution featuring state-of-the-art component-tagging technology to help you stay better connected to equipment and machinery. Their easy-to-use platform with PTS mobile app allows you to record, manage, and retrieve product information fast and accurately.

For hose distributors, the PTS generates durable barcode labels which are attached to Parker hose assemblies and related products to make identifying and acquiring products faster, easier, and more accurately. PTS Mobile enables users to initiate a replacement order directly from their smartphone.

By participating in the PTS program, the system captures detailed asset information, including:

  • Customer contact information
  • Bill of material - hose, fittings, accessories, length, cleaning specifications, fitting orientation, lot number, custom instructions and more
  • Application data - VIN, assembly date, system information, fluid and environmental data, installation location and more
  • Replacement information and history
  • Customized instructions for Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) activities
  • File attachment storage for prints, certifications, photos and other documents.

Using the mobile device's camera to scan the barcode on the label, PTS will immediately verify the asset in Parker's global database. Customers also have the option to manually enter the unique PTS ID number into the system. For products that are not tagged or hard to identify, customers can send a photo of the part to a distributor for identification assistance.

After identifying the product, PTS Mobile asks customers to confirm the results before locating a distributor based on ZIP code or GPS data. An email containing the assembly details is generated by the app which is then sent to the selected distributor for quoting and processing.

TrulinX ERP Software Provides an Interface to the Parker Tracking System

Parker Hannifin and Tribute, Inc. worked together on the development of the Parker Tracking System, which is designed to help customers reduce vehicle or asset downtime through increases in the speed, timing and accuracy of necessary repairs.

With TrulinX, you will be able to track eligible hose assemblies, print out PTS barcode labels with the unique ID number, and send information to Parker-Hannifin when one of these assemblies is sold.

Tribute also works closely with Parker Hannifin to help our software users meet vendor requirements, easily generate Rebate and POS reports, and maximize discounts all while selling the product in the most efficient manner.

Click here for more information on how Tribute’s software can help streamline Parker distributor's business processes, cut costs, and enhance customer service. For a demo of how TrulinX can benefit your business, contact us.

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