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Trends in the Motion Control Marketplace

According to the latest statistics from IMS Research, the worldwide market for motion control equipment showed a significant slowdown in the second half of 2008. And while the economic slowdown is expected to affect nearly all industry sectors that use motion control products, the degrees of effect will vary, with some industry sectors being hit harder than others.

IMS Research identified four distinct tiers of industries each with different economic outlooks for 2009. If you serve the food, beverage, tobacco, medical or scientific marketplace, you’re holding your own in this economic downturn.

However, the first tier, which comprises the semiconductor, robotics, and electronics industries, is the hardest hit, with demand for motion control products expected to experience a decline of nearly 20% in 2009.

The second tier, which includes traditional machinery manufacturers in the paper, printing, textile, and woodworking industries, was also hit hard, but the declines are expected to be less dramatic, with demand for motion products falling by about 15% in 2009.

Tier three, which represents industries with links to consumer spending, such as packaging, material handling, and rubber & plastics, is predicted to hold up better than tiers one and two, with demand for motion controls falling by between 5% and 10% in 2009.

Tier four, which includes the food, beverage & tobacco, medical & scientific, military and renewable energy sectors, is expected to fare the best during the economic downturn, with flat or slightly positive growth forecast for motion control products sold into these industries.

According to IMS Research senior analyst Alex Chausovsky, “growing populations and continued urbanization around the world are expected to increase demand for processed foods and beverages, thereby supporting OEMs active in the sector.

Furthermore, aging populations in regions like the US, Japan, China, and Western Europe will offer plenty of growth opportunities for motion suppliers to the medical and scientific sectors. Finally, continued political instability and conflicts around the world will encourage ongoing military spending by governments, supporting demand for motion control products used in military applications.”


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