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Tips for Spell Check

Spell check is a great feature to help reduce spelling mistakes and typos in your documents and email. Most people use the basic features of a spell checker, but you can save even more time by learning how some of the more advanced options work.

Keep-clam-and-spell-checkMany of us need the bulk of our spellchecking effort in Microsoft Office. Do you know how to add words to your custom dictionary, such as technical terms or jargon? Or how to tell Word to skip spell check for internet addresses? Find out in this article by Susan Harkins for TechRepublic.

It is especially important to watch your spelling in Outlook, to make sure email messages are professional and free from embarassing mistakes. Click here to learn how to configure Outlook to automatically spell check your outgoing mail, courtesy of AddictiveTips.

Internet Explorer does not come with a built-in spell checker, but you can add a free third-party app like Speckie to check your typing in real time.

Firefox has a spell check feature built in. Lean the details using this page from the Mozilla Support site.

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