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The Versatile QR Code

Tribute-website-QRcode Have you seen these funky little squares popping up nearly everywhere looking like your teenager’s pop-art project? They are QR Codes (short for Quick Response Codes) and were originally created by Japanese company Denso-Wave to keep track of inventory in the mid-1990s. However, with the popularity of smartphones, QR Codes are being used by businesses as a low cost tool to attract customers and share information.

QR Code is capable of handling all types of data, such as numbers, alphabetic characters, symbols, binary, and control codes and when accessed by your phone can link to anything from your website to contact information to your GPS location.

The creation and placement of QR Codes is simple and cost-effective and the use is growing exponentially. In fact, this data prepared by BGVision, speaks to the escalating global growth of barcode scanning. And for the first time, the US is now leading in the number of scans. It takes less than a minute to create the QR Code using Kaywa, QRStuff, or one of the many free QR Code generation services.


Woody Myers explains QR Codes in his blog, The Raco Pulse, and has links to some good articles regarding their use.

Helen Leggatt of Biz Report reveals 10 ways you can use QR Codes now ranging from marketing to charitable efforts.

Bernard Martin, author of the blog Manufacturing Supply Chain, has a great article on the combined use of Twitter and QR Codes in Managing your Mobile Sales Force.

Tribute-facebook-QRcode QR codes are malleable and can be redesigned in truly extraordinary ways, while still maintaining their scan-ability. The truth is, QR codes no longer have to be checkerbox in appearance. This article by Hamilton Chan for Mashable explains how you can colorize and customize your QR code.

Tribute-blurb-QRcode The uses of QR Codes are limited only by your imagination. You can use them to link to specific instructions or spec sheets on how to assemble products. Embed QR codes on your sophisticated equipment with links for spare parts, SOP’s, maintenance procedures and trouble shooting aids. Use to link to your company’s service and repair hours and schedule. It’s time to check out this inexpensive format for disseminating information and advertising your product and services.

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