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The Home for Innovation: Promoting American Manufacturing & Education

Home4innovationLogoMany manufacturers and distributors today are concerned about the decline in American manufacturing and the lack of skilled workers needed to fill the technical positions at these companies.

Some steps have been taken by various entities to try and shed light on this problem and to help advance the cause of American manufacturing – we’ve reported on initiatives, both public and private, in previous posts. The Federal government is collaborating with The Manufacturing Institute, through the Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP), in a program to promote a curriculum based on National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) advanced manufacturing skills certification system in community colleges in 30 states.

And Mike Rowe, the host of Dirty Jobs, created the mikeroweWORKS website and foundation to promote and train for the skilled trades.

Many manufacturers offer internship and educational opportunities, working with community colleges and technical schools to increase education in technical trades. Last fall, NAM and the Manufacturing Institute, along with the Fabricators & Manufacturers Association, co-produced the first annual Manufacturing Day.

Clifton-homeforinnovationNow the owner of a small manufacturing technology business in the Charlotte area (Livingston & Haven) has decided to do his part to promote American Manufacturing.

Clifton Vann, a self-described everyday Joe and small businessman, has developed the website, Home for Innovation, to foster STEM education. His support for STEM education is his commitment to getting our youth to see the value and need for studying Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

He saw the lack of action by our government, our education system, and our business infrastructure and finally said, “Someone has to speak up for manufacturing. Someone has to put a spotlight on education that prepares students to be valuable members of America’s workforce, even if it’s just an everyday Joe.”

Clifton supports any innovative thinking that is passionate and “outside the box!” People “thinking crazy” are what formed some of the best and most truthful ideas in human history. Anyone who has ever tried anything significant and different has been ridiculed, he said. It is time for us all to “make fools” of ourselves and start thinking about what is next.

Clifton wants The Home For Innovation to highlight innovative thinking and thinkers and be a place for ideas and frank talk about our flawed education system. With his videos highlighting people that are working toward the same goal, current news items, and highlights on the state of education & manufacturing, the Home for Innovation is a great place to get a conversation going between business people, educators and the students they educate.

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