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Ten Ways to Boost Your Wireless Signal

When you rely on your wireless network at work or at home, it can be frustrating to deal with a poor connection. Luckily, there are many ways to extend your wireless signal, and most of them simply involve a bit of tweaking to your wireless network or adding some affordable components.

Signal This slideshow from PC Magazine lists the following ten ways to extend your Wi-Fi signal:

  1. Change the channel: Use a free tool like inSSIDer to change to a less crowded channel.
  2. Update router firmware: Go the router manufacturer's website and search for the firmware, then upload it through the router's interface.
  3. Update adapter firmware: Network adapters on PCs and laptops also are subject to firmware updates.
  4. Change position: Ideally, a Wi-Fi router should be in a central location.
  5. Try DD-WRT: Adventurous types can try the open-source DD-WRT software to improve router performance, but doing so may invalidate your router's warranty.
  6. Set up a second router as an access point or repeater: To do so, you need to connect the second router's LAN port to the primary router's LAN port.
  7. Antennas: Some routers support an external antenna, which can often be upgraded.
  8. Repeaters/Extenders: Most vendors offer devices that act as repeaters or wireless extenders. These may extend your signal, but they can be tricky to setup, can cause interference with the signal and can be expensive.
  9. New Router/Adapters: Getting totally new routers and adapters can be expensive, but worth it if wireless connectivity is crucial to you.
  10. Single Vendor Solution: Try limiting your network devices to one vendor (your router or adapter, antennas, repeaters and access points)

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