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Ten Questions to Find the Right Bank for Your Business

With news of bank closings in a tough economy, businesses don't want to risk choosing a bank that is in danger of closing. In addition, many small businesses are also looking for a bank that is more in tune with their needs, where they can get guidance and more personal interaction.

Business-bank Here are ten questions to ask when you are considering a particular bank, courtesy of this article by Mary Goodman and Rich Russakoff for BNET.

  1. Is the bank healthy with strong financials?
  2. Does the bank have a business division focused on lending to small- and medium-sized companies?
  3. Is the bank on the SBA’s current list of top small business lenders?
  4. Is the bank familiar and comfortable with your industry?
  5. Does the bank offer the mix of services and products you want?
  6. Does your desired loan amount fit within the bank’s lending limits?
  7. Can you secure a meeting with the right person?
  8. Is the banker willing to meet with you at your company?
  9. Does the banker have local lending authority?
  10. How long has the loan officer been with the bank?

You can find more details in the entire article here.

Entrepreneur Magazine has also created an excellent website on the banks that are the most business friendly, broken down nationally and by state.

You may also check for a tool that lets you search for "safe" banks according to a star rating system.

Tribute's own Tim Reynolds was interviewed in Crain's Cleveland Business about moving from a large bank to a smaller, community-based bank. “It was a much more personal relationship with the bank,” said Mr. Reynolds, who noted that he didn’t have a consistent lending officer at [the large bank]. “Here was a bank that was interested in my business, that wanted to understand my business.” You can read the full article here.

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