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tED: A good resource for distributors

Ted-logotED, The Electrical Distributor Magazine, is aimed at distributors in the electrical equipment, instrumentation, power supply, alternative energy products, industrial control, motors and tools marketplace. A great source of information, the publication regularly issues articles by experts in the distribution industry.

Here are a few we thought would be of interest:

Selling to the government: Tips for distributors
By Jim Dankowski, manager, marketing and business development, government sales and solutions, Eaton Corporation

Globalization and distribution: The challenges of taking business overseas
By Jack Keough, former editor of Industrial Distribution magazine

Site selection 101: Finding the right location for your new or expanding distributorship
By Bridget McCrea, tED

Don't call me a middleman
By Jack Keough

The Value of the Independent Distributor
By Jack Keough

7 do's and don'ts of succession planning
By Bridget McCrea, tED

Teaching the Millennials: Training tips that bridge the generation gap
By Carolyn Heinze, tED

Comfortably cozy or just married? How to figure out if two people should be business partners.
By Carolyn Heinze, tED

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