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HP-laptop New technology comes out so quickly it’s hard to know what’s out there - much less which are the best products for business or personal use. Want to know the scoop on the latest gadgets like the Palm Pixi or which Smart Phone is the best choice for your application? Want to know how to choose the right computer monitor?

Check out Sahas Katta’s blog, Skatter Tech. Sahas Katta is a tech enthusiast and journalist from California and his blog is a testament to simplicity and design. He features large pictures of the gadgets he reviews so you get a great look at the keyboards and features each has to offer. He has reported live from conventions including CES and MacWorld. Sahas blogs about technology to help people make the right decisions when it comes to buying gadgets.

If you’re in the market for a new laptop or netbook, Katta has a laptop and notebook gift guide on his blog and also provides a helpful list of his Top 10 Laptop and Netbook blogs with information to help you in your search.

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