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Symantec's Blog Series on Cybercrime & the Underground Economy

Spiceworks-logo-2A couple of years ago we recommended a great network for your IT staff, Spiceworks. Since then, the community has grown even more and features bloggers that cover the gamut of issues in the IT industry.

One such blogger, Symantec Matt, blogs about security and malware concerns. He’s recently highlighted Symantec’s Security Insights blog series on the Underground Economy, a good primer on protecting your business from the ever increasing cybercrime problem.

This nine part series starts with a description of the hacker economy and goes on to cover the many crafty ways cyber criminals try to hack into our mobile and computer networks. This interesting and eye-opening series is worth a read.

Criminal Motives Are Simple but Tactics are Crafty 

Cyber Shakedowns: A Hacker’s New Payday

How Many People Profit from Stolen Credit Cards

How The Loss of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is Only the Start of Your Customers’ Problems

Renting a Zombie Farm: Botnets and the Hacker Economy

Mobile Attacks: Cybercriminals' New Cash Cow

Hacking as a Service: How Much Does it Cost to Hack and Account 

Beyond the Nigerian Prince: Modern 419 Scams

Hacking for Bitcoins

Symantec-ConnectYou can also check out Symantec’s 2014 Internet Security Threat Report by clicking here.

And if you’re on Twitter, Symantec security expert, Ian McShane will be discussing cybersecurity in a #DirtyTopics twitter chat, Underinvesting in Cybersecurity: How Do You Know How Much Security Is Enough?, today, August 21st,  at 2 pm EST.

Tribute, Inc. recommends using Symantec Backup and Endpoint Protection products on your servers, desktops and mobile devices to protect your valuable business data.

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