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Speed Up Your Computer's Boot Time

It may only take a minute or two to boot up your computer, but it can seem like ages. There are many techniques for speeding up your PC's boot time, but some of them are more controversial or risky than others. Thanks to this article from Gizmodo writer Whitson Gordon, here is a list of reliable tips to help your machine boot faster:

ComputerTools 10. Tweak Your BIOS
9. Clean Out Programs that Launch at Startup
8. Delay Windows Services That Run at Startup
7. Change Your Boot Menu's Timeout Values
6. Disable Unused Hardware
5. Keep Your Antivirus Running and Up to Date
4. Remove Unnecessary Fonts
3. Upgrade Your RAM
2. Give Your Computer a Static IP
1. Install a Solid State Drive

Click here for the entire article with more details on each technique.

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