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Specialized Tips for Microsoft Word

Today we're bringing you some more advanced tips for Microsoft Word. If you ever have to work with a long Word document or adjust the tables or spacing in a document, stay tuned for some tips you will love!

Word-tipsThanks to Susan Harkins for TechRepublic for all of these fantastic articles that are referenced below.

Find and Replace is one of Word’s most powerful and flexible features — but it tends to be underused. Most people use it to find specific words in a document, but they don’t realize it can be used for other tasks to, such as:

  • Replacing two spaces with a single space
  • Replacing multiple spaces with a tab
  • Inserting new text without deleting anything (for example, adding the text “, Inc.” to each occurrence of a company name)

Click here for 10 ways to use advanced Find and Replace settings.

Word tables can be a great way to organize information (and a better alternative to creating your entire document in Excel just so you can create a table layout). Most users know how to change text data into a table, but go beyond this basic task with these 10+ tips to format and resize your Word tables.

If you’re producing professional documents in Word, such as brochures or flyers, you may need detailed control over the spacing of your headings. What if you have a long title taking up two lines, but you need to condense it to fit on a single line? Two of Word's formatting options, Spacing and Scale, can help you get the results you need. Click here to find out more.

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