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Seven Steps to Mediate Employee Squabbles

Mediate Every company has its conflicts among employees; after all, we are human and we don't always agree. The problem is, sometimes these squabbles can escalate into a truly bad situation. Often, a third party will need to intervene before the disagreement has an impact on business or causes you to lose a valuable employee.

Here are seven steps to resolve these conflicts, recommended in this article by Katie Morrell of the OPEN Forum.

  1. Consider your neutrality. Before you attempt to mediate, determine your stance. If you cannot be neutral, you may need a third party mediator.
  2. Pick a consequence. Decide what you are willing to do if the fight cannot be resolved.
  3. Choose the right place. It's important to help settle the score outside the office, in a neutral spot like a coffee shop.
  4. Allow talk time. Allow each person time to say what they want to say without any interruptions.
  5. Build an agenda. After each party states their piece, write down the topics and issues discussed, not solutions.
  6. Discuss topics. Ask the employees to talk about how they want each topic addressed moving forward, without focusing on the past.
  7. Agree and follow-up. Get everything in writing and follow up regularly.

Click here to read the complete article.

Do you have any stories to share about employee conflicts in your company?  Were you able to work out a solution?

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