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River Bend Hose Specialty Implements TrulinX for Success

In 2016, just weeks before they were supposed to go live on their new ERP software purchased from a Tier II software vendor, the management of River Bend Hose Specialty pulled the plug.


  • The Tier II ERP software company struggled to pull data from their own legacy system's database. But more importantly, they demonstrated that they had trouble doing the basics of River Bend's primary business - selling and manufacturing industrial and hydraulic hose assemblies and related fluid power products.
  • Unit of Measure conversions were a headache - not good when you buy product in reels and sell in feet, inches or meters.
  • Transactions at their counter were time laborious and consuming - not good when you're one of the busiest Parker Stores in the tri-county area.
  • The inventory management system was designed for wholesale distribution and didn’t have a way to keep a good accounting of multi-level assemblies and outsourced work, or tracking labor and burden - not good when you want to know exactly what your profit margin is on production runs of tube bended metal hose assemblies that require multiple steps of work before going out the door.

Enter Jay Adams, River Bend Specialty's recently hired COO.

Jay immediately recommended the software he'd used at his previous company, TrulinX by Tribute, Inc.  He knew that the right ERP system was needed to take their business to the next level.

Jay was able to make the case to the owners that, despite investing in another software package, the investment in TrulinX would pay for itself within a short time frame due to the many time saving industry-specific features and the lower total cost of ownership.

Why TrulinX by Tribute, Inc.?

"We needed a robust ERP system that was capable of handling all aspects of our business, including divisions and acquisitions. We also needed a software partner that understood our market place, had the resources and personal touch to support us as we go down the road of continuous improvement and growth.

TrulinX met those requirements. TrulinX specializes in the Value added Distributor / Manufacturing market place. They are very hands on, flexible, and committed to excellent customer service." - Jay Adams.

River Bend went live on TrulinX in 2017 and has been successful in their business strategy of growth and expansion and recently acquired Scotty's Hydraulic Services of Plymouth, Indiana.

To learn more about River Bend Hose Specialty's partnership with Tribute, Inc. and how they value TrulinX, check out their video testimonial on our website and YouTube Channel.

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