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Resources for Pump Distributors

Empowering-pumpsAre you in the business of pump distribution, service and repair? There are quite a few resources on the web that are a great way to keep up with the industry and can help you with your business.

The website, Empowering Pumps, has a wealth of information organized by industry and application and current news on the pump and fluid handling industry. A wide gamut of industry pros write regular articles on everything from Marketing to Life Cycle Costs to Maintenance and Reliability. The events and training center features onsite events plus online training courses and webinars. The site also includes a career center to help businesses find employees with pump experience or post job opportunities within your company.

PumpprosPublisher Charli Matthews writes about the pump industry in her blog and includes visits to pump distributors like Tribute Customer Pump Pro’s. She visited their branch in Chatom, Alabama and learned “that behind every Pump Pro there is experience, state of the art equipment , engineering tools, and service with a smile!”

Globalspec-pumpGlobalSpec has resources for a number of industries, including fluid handling and a wide variety of pumps. Their Global Insights section contains results from user surveys – a great way to get information from your peers.

For example, they have a Q&A forum about hydraulic pumps with questions like: What new technologies are influencing hydraulic pump design? What are some of the applications you have used a hydraulic pump for? And Do you have any advice for people relative to buying or using a hydraulic pump?

GlobalSpec also contains a large technical library with numerous articles on everything pump and fluid handling relatedfrom Avoiding Pump Problems to Handy Formulas to Help You.

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