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Pump Systems Matter's Improvement Modeling Tool

Pump-Systems-Matter-Logo2Pump Systems Matter™ (PSM) is a market transformation initiative developed by the Hydraulic Institute to assist North American pump users gain a more competitive business advantage through strategic, broad-based energy management and pump system performance optimization.

PSM’s mission is to provide end-users, engineering consultants and pump suppliers with tools and collaborative opportunities to integrate pump system performance optimization and efficient energy management practices into normal business operations.

One of the FREE educational tools they offer is the Pump System Improvement Modeling Tool™ (PSIM), to help you better understand the hydraulic behavior of pumping systems. With the challenges of today's marketplace, your fluid handling systems must be both cost effective and energy efficient. It is essential that users evaluate the total pump system in their design.

PSIM-SoftwarePSIM capabilities include:

  • System hydraulic calculations
  • Centrifugal & Positive Displacement pumps
  • Pump efficiency and BEP evaluation
  • Variable speed pumps
  • Flow & pressure control values
  • Impeller trimming
  • Automatic pump curve viscosity corrections
  • NPSH calculations

To learn more about the Pump Systems Matter Initiative and/or to download your FREE copy of the PSIM software, visit their website at

If you’re a pump distributor looking for industry-specific ERP business management software, check out TrulinX software by Tribute, Inc. at

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