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Protecting Your PCs with Microsoft’s Free Toolkit: EMET 4.1

EMET-MSSeveral years ago, Microsoft released the Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit (EMET), a free tool that can help Windows users beef up the security of third-party applications.

Don Benson, TrulinX Senior Software Engineer, recommends this free security toolkit from Microsoft which helps companies acquire additional security beyond what their antivirus and malware protection provides.

EMET can help stop devious code that has not yet been documented by antivirus software. These are known as 0-day threats, and this toolkit can stop them, even when your antivirus definitions do not catch them.

Per Tim Rains of the Microsoft Security Blog, EMET is a very popular security tool among CISOs and security professionals because it helps them manage security mitigations for applications running in their environments. In the article, Microsoft’s Free Security Tools – Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit, he addresses the reasons that taking advantage of the security mitigations built into the Windows operating systems are beneficial to your company.

Industry expert, KrebsonSecurity, gives his take on EMET in the article, Windows Security 101: EMET 4.0, which includes some important new security protections and compatibility fixes for this unobtrusive but effective security tool.

To learn more about this set of tools which allow you a whole different way of defending a workstation from malware exploits, listen to this brief podcast from Microsoft expert Kurt Falde. In user-friendly language he describes how EMET tracks known-good states of common software and stops changes to them from happening - an effective strategy for zero-day exploits!

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