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PHD Introduces 3D Mobile App

PHD-logoIndustrial automation supplier PHD now offers several mobile apps for iOS and android phones that help customers search for the right products for their application. Their newest app allows you to generate and view CAD models in 3D.

PHD 3D allows you to generate PHD CAD models from an IPAD and has the following features:

  • Configure PHD actuators for accurate ordering data
  • Generate an accurate preview of the actuator with all options & features added
  • View the model in 3D, spin to view all sides of the Product
  • Request a CAD model in over 80 Formats
  • Link to PHD Product Catalog
  • Link to PHD News
  • Includes an Link to PHD News
  • Note: Internet connection required to use this APP

Phd-3d-graphicThe PHD Education Center app is an educational resource that utilizes animations to depict the advantage of product features, how the technology works, comparisons of products and application examples through an interactive application.

The PHD Product Specs app is an educational resource that guides the user in discovering the advantages of product features, key specs on product technology, and product visualization through hi-res images all in an interactive application.

PHD also offers a Leaning Center where you will find product videos, animated application design examples, and guided tours of their eTools design software.

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