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Parker Hannifin Introduces Parker Tracking System Integration with Tribute & TrulinX Software

Parker-ptsParker Hannifin Corporation introduced the Parker Tracking System (PTS) in 2009 to help customers reduce vehicle or asset downtime through increases in the speed, timing and accuracy of necessary repairs.

Using a Web-based application, PTS generates a unique identification code for each hose assembly which is printed on a durable barcode or RFID label. PTS labels are specifically engineered to withstand harsh chemicals, temperatures, UV exposure and other challenging conditions.

Customers must typically remove old hoses, drive to their local store and wait while the new assembly is made. PTS dramatically expedites this process by making "call ahead" or "site delivery" service possible. The result is additional machine uptime that can dramatically improve the customer's bottom line. With PTS you can:

  • Receive fast and accurate product identification to speed replacement, regardless of where the original assembly was made
  • Replace hose assemblies with only the PTS ID number, eliminating the need to remove hoses prior to replacement
  • Gain critical machine uptime, schedule repairs more conveniently and take advantage of “call ahead” and “site delivery” options
  • Use the reporting tools to gain insight to hose assembly usage and to assist in continuous improvement / preventative maintenance initiatives

PARKER HOSEParker and Tribute, Inc. have worked together to offer an interface between PTS and the Tribute and TrulinX software systems. Bill Sayavich, Parker Hannifin Business Development Manager, talks about the advantages of the partnership between Tribute and Parker Hannifin. “It has been nearly a year since Parker and Tribute worked together to create a seamless interface between the Parker Tracking System (PTS) and The Tribute Software System. Since then, a number of distributors have jumped at the chance to use this new functionality. The Tribute interface has proven to be an amazing time saver for our distributors, and has helped speed counter productivity considerably. We’re excited to be adding the TrulinX software to the order interface program as well, which will make the system available to even more of our distributors.”

Tribute works closely with Parker Hannifin to help our software users meet vendor requirements and maximize discounts all while selling the product in the most efficient manner.

ConnectorSpecialistsNewLogoAlex Wheelock, president of Connector Specialists, a fluid power distributor based in Louisiana, finds the built-in Parker features within TrulinX helpful to his business. "Having had the opportunity to work with Parker's IT people at a pretty high level, it is clear that Parker recognizes that TrulinX brings significant value to the table for the Parker Channel. TrulinX's level of synergy with Parker's distributor programs far exceeds what other ERP providers are either willing or capable of developing. Whether it's price updating, rebate administration, hose assembly configurators, WarehouseTwo integration, or PTS, TrulinX has built their system well to address the needs of Parker and its' distributors."

To learn more about Tribute’s benefits for Parker Distributors click here. To learn more about PTS, visit

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