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Overcoming Price Pressure

Robert-NadeauThe economic downturn has dramatically changed the spending environment. Today, customers are looking for the best "deal" they can get. And for most customers, a good deal is all about getting the lowest price.

However, most salespeople lack the skills necessary to successfully overcome downward price pressure. As a result, they are forced to discount their asking price in order to get the sale.

Industrial-Performance-Group-logoMost sales managers are keenly aware of the fact that price discounting has a negative impact on your bottom line. But little thought is given to the fact that price discounting reinforces the customer's false perceptions about the value of your products and services.

Robert Nadeau, managing principal of the Industrial Performance Group, addresses how salespeople can overcome price pressure by calculating and communicating their product's value in terms of dollars-and-cents, in the current issue of Channel Focus. (Click link to read entire article).

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