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Opportunity & Challenges in the Mobile Fluid Power Market

FPJ-mobilemarketThe Fluid Power Journal, an official publication of the International Fluid Power Society, is a great resource for what's happening in the industry and what the experts see coming.

A recent article highlighted a Q&A with a panel of fluid power industry experts in which they discussed areas of growth or opportunity for the mobile market and the challenges the mobile market will face this year.

The four experts weighed in and all saw major growth in the construction and transportation industries, as we continue to see non-residential construction growth in infrastructure and commercial space increase.

Simona Onorini, product manager for Gefran, Inc. states that one of the main opportunities is linked to the growing trend of equipping machines with more and more sensing devices in order to make them more efficient and technologically advanced.

Ifps-logoKen Baker is the CEO of Bailey International stated that efficiency and automation will continue to be a focus, as well as a drive, to higher complexity solutions for U.S.-based production. Baker states that U.S. manufacturers must continue to invest in process improvement and factory automation, while maintaining and improving quality of the product.

Keeping up with technology and staying focused on improving reliability while maintaining strict guidance on effective price structure for the end user will be a big challenge, according to Frank Fetty, CFPMHM, territory manager with J.H. Fletcher.

Justin Fluegel is general manager for Hengli America states that the expectation of performance is increasing across the market, from piston pumps through valves and into cylinders and that upcoming Tier 5 emissions standards present a challenge to fluid power suppliers.

For the complete article in Fluid Power Journal, click here.


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