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Ohio Companies Partner to Provide Green Technology

WindCube-turbine Green Energy Technologies, a local Ohio company working together with Parker-Hannifin Corporation,  launched its WindCube at the WindPower 2009 industry trade show in Chicago this month.

The 22-foot tall Windcube provides an inexpensive source of clean energy and can be mounted on a rooftop to supply energy to a single commercial or industrial site.

''It's the smallest footprint with the most amount of power in the entire wind industry,'' said Green Energy chief Mark L. Cironi.

The 60 kW WindCube, primarily invented by John Fedor of Eastlake, Ohio, will be manufactured in Ohio.

Parker-Hannifin Corp. in Cleveland will produce the generator and electrical system. Roth Brothers Inc. of Youngstown will fabricate a patented shroud as well as handle installation and remote monitoring. Other Ohio manufacturers are making the blades and the bearings.

To learn more about the Windcube, click here to read an article by Akron Beacon Journal business writer, Paula Schleis. 

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