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MRH Technology Group Is Now Tour de Force CRM, Inc.

New Name, Logo, Tagline, and Website Reflects Tour de Force CRM’s Focus on Delivering Value to Clients

TourDeForceCRMLogoTribute, Inc. partner MRH Technology Group, the company that designs, develops, and implements the Tour de Force CRM solution, has changed its name to Tour de Force CRM, Inc. In addition to the corporate name change, the company has also unveiled a new logo, tagline, and website. The company’s new tagline, "Be Efficient. Be Effective." reflects the core benefits that the Tour de Force CRM software solution provides – an efficient, effective sales force able to drive higher revenues.

"The timing of our new branding initiative is perfect" said Matt Hartman, President, CEO, and founder of Tour de Force CRM. "In November 2011 we released the newest generation of Tour de Force CRM, v5, and in February 2012 we'll release our completely overhauled product for tablets and smartphones, Tour de Force CRM Mobile v5. Both products add a wide range of features and functionality that we are now able to provide to our customers, including a mobile product poised to meet the latest trend in technology – widespread use of tablet computers in business."

The corporate name change was driven by a desire to better align the company's image with the services it provides. For the past 10 years, the sole initiative of MRH Technology Group was to design, develop, and implement Tour de Force CRM. "It was time to move away from MRH Technology Group", said Hartman. "Our customers know us by the product we provide and support – Tour de Force CRM. It just made sense to consolidate and simplify our image and branding with Tour de Force CRM, Inc."

The new tagline, "Be Efficient. Be Effective." and the new logo were designed to support the consolidation and simplification of the company’s image. Tour de Force CRM is a feature rich software solution designed to deliver significant benefits to Sales, Marketing, Customer Service/Support, and Management teams. "As I started reviewing the benefits that our features provide," said Ashley Kurtzman, Sales & Marketing Coordinator at Tour de Force CRM, "I realized that every single feature provided one of two core benefits (and many times a feature provides both). Every feature in Tour de Force CRM allows the user to be more efficient and more effective. These are the key benefits we provide to our customers, so it made perfect sense to have this reflected in our tagline and logo."

With the launch of a new website scheduled for January 23rd, Tour de Force CRM is poised to take on 2012. "Due to the quality of the product and services we provide, we've been able to develop a loyal customer base that continues to grow while consistently increasing our revenue approximately 25-35% year over year for the past 5 years," remarks Hartman. "With the launch of the new website and branding initiatives, along with the vast functionality we've added with Tour de Force CRM v5 and Tour de Force CRM Mobile v5, I'm really looking forward to an outstanding 2012."

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