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More of the Best Travel Apps

Travel apps can definitely make your life easier, whether you are trying to reschedule a flight or looking for a great restaurant in an unfamiliar city.

This article from ABC News covers 11 travel apps, including:

  • HotelTonight helps you find same-day hotel bookings, often at a savings.
  • The popular TripAdvisor app helps you find hotels, restaurants, and attractions in any destination. See millions of photos by travelers and discover options near you or any address you enter.
  • TripIt is another popular app which organizes all your travel details into one neat itinerary.
  • The XE Currency app converts any currency into any other currency on the spot.

IPad-iPhoneYou might also try these free iPhone/iPad apps recommended by CNET here:

  • Hipmunk checks for the best flights to your chosen destination and looks for the best deals. It shows you several possible flights on a timeline, then allows you to sort by various criteria to find the best flight for you.
  • Lunchbox is a fun way to find local food and drink spots based on those who have already been there, complete with beautiful photos.
  • BohoGuides offline travel guide (free for one city) gathers all of its information from Wikitravel and you can browse hotels, restaurants, nightclubs, and other popular spots with extensive descriptions for each location. Find out about spoken languages in the area, the best transportation options, where to find work, where to shop, and tons more.

The OPEN Forum lists four more travel apps in an article here:

  • PackingPro lets you build a trip packing list from its extensive catalog of items. The service also provides sample lists for a variety of travel scenarios and can also assemble a customized list based on a variety of factors, including number of travelers, weather predictions, and whether the trip is domestic or international.
  • AllSubway contains color-coded maps to 151 different metropolitan transit systems all over the world. You can zoom in and out on maps and also use them offline.
  • LocalEats is a carefully curated dining guide that only spotlights independently owned restaurants across the U.S. and in selected international cities.Options for filtering include critics' picks, cheap food and vegetarian options and users can search for places near a particular address or landmark within the city. Users can also make reservations, book a taxi and find coupons within the app.
  • Triplingo is a personalized language guide. It begins with a few questions about your trip (whether you're going for business or pleasure, how much you're interested in interacting with locals, etc.) and uses the answers to create a customized list of phrases to learn beforehand.

And don't forget the apps mentioned in our earlier blog post on this topic: The Best Travel Apps

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